0. Thirteen Elements of the world: how it all works (Maelinhon)

Peace. It is the first article of The Marginal Metaphysics project, that has in all senses been gently causing a butthurt for esoteric nutjobs (and even quite civils) since 2011, but only in the beginning of 2018 it was widely spread. So it goes. We have plentiful articles and books, so as the audience, but we lacked structure until now, so we’ll begin to organize knowledge in our heads with this article number zero. And we’ll describe the world beyond religious, historical, scientific, or any other familiar concepts.

Everything is much simpler. And more interesting.

The first question that any conscious being is interested in is “how does the world around me work? And the most unfortunate thing is that trying to find the answer often reminds me of choosing the grail in an Indiana Jones movie: there is no shortage of answers, there is even an overabundance. And that is the problem – how do you find the real information among this garbage? Where to start? I’m telling you: the elements. And not with the neutered “European” version, not with the dense “Indian” or “Chinese” version, but directly with the full, metaphysical and non-human version.

The elements are what literally build the universe. All of its objects, living and nonliving, are either composed of particles of the elements, or controlled by them, or both. That is, the elements can be seen as bricks, they can be seen as the order in which these bricks are stacked, or they can be seen as the vibration that makes them move. Atoms and vibrations, if you like. So there is no object or process that is outside this system: whatever we are dealing with, whatever process is going on, it will be the elements and the processes in them.

There are 5 dense elements – Metal (Venus), Wood (Jupiter), Water (Mercury), Fire (Mars) and Earth (Saturn). You can touch a wooden table or water in a lake with your hands – it’s Wood and Water, the crystallized flows of the Jupiter and Mercury elements. But how do you touch your ego? Feel the memory with your hands? Is it possible to taste fear? Impossible! So it’s worth assuming that there are also elements that can be described as light, ephemeral, and subtle. However, they exist – fear is as real to us as a table. For some level, the demon is as real as the water in the lake – at the material (dense) level.

Therefore, we can and should divide the world into material (dense) and subtle ones at once, and not try to apply the methods of one to the other, for example, to look with MATERIAL eyes at a SUBTLE object (and vice versa). You won’t see anything, much to the delight of materialists, but if you could just shift your semantic focus a little bit, everything would fall into place. The key to understanding how the world works lies exactly there – in the right question.

There are 13 elements in the world, each one forming either the fabric and matter of this world (everything, including you and the chair you are sitting in), or influencing as a flow and wave of transformation for objects already created.  Broadly speaking, each planet forms a flow of particles and vibrations that create, like pieces of a puzzle, everything you see around you, including yourself. The dense world is static and crystallized energy flows, which is why Taoists describe the dense and etheric bodies of human beings as the same substance, but of different densities. To simplify it, your gallbladder is particles of the element of Wood, your kidneys are particles of Water, your heart is made of Fire, and each type of element, process and tissue is governed by some planet. And in terms of metaphysics, your buds and the water in the lake are one and the same, one slice of space. Due to which diversity and connections in space are created. That is, when the Moon (for example) clashes with something around you, your brain gets all sloppy, your kidneys hurt and you have nightmares.  And if there is a clash of some frequencies and planets, there is disease or some other problems that are subject to the conflicting layers.

And who am I?

The planets in the natal chart are not just randomly arranged. Every human and non-human is a combination of all 13 elements, and everyone has leading elements in the body. On this basis we have such a concept as species at all. As a result, each being or object is a marker for you of the particular planet – they have their set of elements, you have yours. Accessibly speaking, in shopping malls you fall into the sphere of the elements of Metal, in parks you dive into Water, and all the bosses carry Fire for you. There’s a chemical reaction of what’s inside you with what came from the outside. This set will be different for each type of leading element, and as you interact with each being, you come into contact with that particular element. Moreover, each day and each hour carries its own element, resulting in bad and good days, black and white streaks, and prognostics in general.

This is roughly how reasonable astrology and a large segment of Oriental medicine works: we look at the changes of the entire elemental slice and where it short-circuits specifically in your case. There we also treat the root causes of soreness, failure, and lack\presence of anything in life. Because of this diversity you like or dislike different things, people, activities, etc. Something with your elemental synthroid is in harmony and something is in conflict. For example, if you meet a person who has not yet opened his mouth, but already pisses you off, it is a violent chemical reaction to his “filler”. Like love, creativity, professions, money, or anything else.

The same in chakras that only the laziest person in pop so-called esoteric has ever kicked are nothing but the control panels for the elemental slices of your body. To put it simply, Manipura (solar plexus) is the center point of the Fire element slice in the body, and Anahata (heart), for example, is the slice of emotions and feelings, which are ruled by Venus. Each chakra (there are over 300 of which in the body, in fact) is responsible for the processes of its own layer, both in the psyche and in physiology at all levels. And since the slice is the same for everything, so love, lungs, feelings of sadness and the metal mug in your hand are one and the same. Each slice provides thousands and thousands of objects and processes simultaneously.

And all the butterflies in the stomach and heaviness in the heart are more a chakra sensation than a physiological one, although both the thin and the dense sections of the body are closely connected and work consistently. The dense and thin in the body are interlocked due to biochemistry and hormones, in the Jyotish system of Indian astrology there is even a complete correspondence between the planets, their slices and the brain and endocrine departments. To put it simply: emotion pings the elemental slice – the slice pings the chakra – that sends chemical signals to the physical layer and the brain – the physical body also starts doing something, muscle contraction, fluttering, etc. All these signals go through meridians and biologically active points.

This is the basis of Oriental medicine. The rest, as they say, are details.

All slices of planetary particles work simultaneously and all these beautiful pictures on the request of “sacred geometry” are just schemes of their movement in space. The planets are moving according to their schemes, generating elemental “webs” that also start moving according to the schemes, which generates all these blooms and geometric dances. That’s all the metaphysics.

13 elements of the world

1.Darkness. The element from which everything came and which is the basis of matter. This element has many conductors in different slices, the closest to us is the planet Venus, but the Darkness also has many conductors outside the planets. Darkness actually creates the filling of the smallest “cells” of any object, and somewhere it already begins to connect with quantum physics.

This element was the first and for a long time the only element in the Universe, once everything was composed of it. Then, through both evolution and the work of enthusiasts, subsidiary elements emerged, which over many millions of years built up what we now see around us.

2.Void. An element that has no filling, but creates and holds the form of objects.  The Void Element is the thin form of anything, which seems to sprout into reality as long as something fills it. Dreams, illusions, dreams, memory, art, and its characters are all it. That which is not formally there, but it is there in a thin form. The Void is the underside of the world, its 3D model, which later manifests itself by the appearance of people, objects, events, and other things. For the Void, it doesn’t matter if the object itself exists, just that it exists in one’s head. We all know very well that the characters in a book or a movie did not exist in reality as described, that they only exist in the imagination, and that in the movies they are portrayed by a stranger for money. But it doesn’t stop us from having feelings for those who don’t exist. We love and hate the characters, we miss our dead, we are nostalgic for places that no longer exist. This is the Void.

Clearly: the Void is a shell, the Darkness is a sausage in it.

3.Chaos. The element that draws the lines of probability. Simply, it arranges objects created by the Void and the Darkness on time lines and realizes them in space. You are in some room right now, you have a name, body parameters, genetics, some country, city, house around you… For you to be sitting in your chair at this point in space and time at this moment, THAT THING has been happening for thousands and tens of thousands of years before that. Someone built this city, this house, invented the language you’re reading this article in, dozens of your ancestors mixed their genetics to make you… This is all the work of the Chaos element. It builds space by operating with the elements of Time and all the others at once. Chaos is more about space and time at once, so metaphysics doesn’t operate on the concept of “when,” it says “where”. You are now in such and such a point of space, such and such coordinates, such and such highways and lines. This is the element with which mantics works, i.e. mantic systems view lines drawn by the Chaos and hypothetical events in them.

4.Nothing is the element of what is outside the world we know. The antipode of the Void element. If the Void takes the form of something that does not exist but does for you (e.g., dreams), then the Nothing is objects that actually exist but not in your reality. The people who lived in some house in 14th century Italy are Nothing to you and me. The house is gone, the people are gone, we don’t know their names, we don’t even guess who they were, so this phenomenon does not exist in our universe. Navajo language cases are in Nothing, everything I don’t know is there, too.

And all objects in the world endlessly roll from Being to Nonexistence, from Void to Nothing and back again.

A woman has become pregnant – in her mind there is already an image of the future man, her child. No one has seen him yet, no one knows what he is like, but the mother is already dreaming of his life. He appeared in the slice of the Void. He was born being manifested into reality. He lived some life, achieved something, then died. Let’s say he died in the 16th century somewhere, drowned in a swamp. After 100 years, no one remembers him – there’s no grave, he left no heirs, his soul went into reincarnation, and that person’s cast of personality completely dissolved and became Nothing. He is not remembered by anyone living, there is no information or records of him. He disappeared, unsupported by the energy of the living beings. He went into Nothing. The cycle closed.

5.Time. The Element of Time is originally a subcircuit of the Chaos element, which creates and maintains the transformation of objects and the temporal cross-section of space. It is supported by the Moon, Ketu and Rahu, as well as Saturn, astrologically speaking. Time is a kind of transformer-oxidizer: put an apple on the window and in a couple of months Time will spoil and rot it. Give birth to a child and Time will do the same to it. This element pulls up the factors that transform objects on the lines in a natural way: change comes, objects change, transform, change levels, disappear and appear.

6.Death. The Element of Death is also a sub element of the Chaos, which is ruled by the planet Pluto and partly by Saturn. In a broad sense, it is the element of transformation and evolution, not of dying or disappearing. In this sense people’s understanding of the death process is very poor. Death is closely related to the element of Time, that is, it literally creates the processes that Time initiates. Think of yourself 15-20 years ago, read your old dialogues, listen to the music of that time, a strange feeling, right? As if it’s not you, but some other person was, you feel different. This is because we go through 4 global stages of the element of Death (called the 4 pillars in Ba-Tzu), and many smaller ones. We participate in events, get new experiences, new knowledge, and all this makes us “die a little bit”, that is to transform and become a little different. To discard the unnecessary, to accept the new, to rethink things. This is death, but not dying.

Although even the medical death of a human body is also a transformation, after which the soul goes to a new body or to a new level, but it does not disappear at all. For the entities, Death is the same transformation, also moving through planetary cycles, with the only difference that they do not die after the 4th cycle, but live as long as they can. But everyone goes through the transformation – humans, non-humans, countries, continents, and everything around them.

The element is thin, but as it enters the material (dense) world, its currents form radiation. All kinds of radiation are a slice of Pluto and its elements. This is why it is associated with wars, dictatorships, and other blackness that leads to the transformation of entire nations. Pluto also affects the process of decay and purification of anything.

7. Shadow. It’s well described by Casteneda in the chapter where Carlos mistook a branch in the wind for a dying animal. Look at the jacket hanging on the chair in the semi-darkness. Here you seem to know it’s a jacket or a pile of clothes, but in the thick shadows it gets uncomfortable, because the longer you look, the more the shape blurs. And it seems like it’s not a jacket, but something else, something frightening. Shadow is the element that blurs shapes. The primary element, which is generated by Jupiter and brings chaos in the sense that people usually understand it. That is, tearing the hell out of all inherent order, including even cellular order. The shadow removes the form that is laid down by the Void and sweeps away all tangible frames, blurring objects and being a part of both transformation and movement of objects on the subtle plane. This element is used to move entities and is considered the most toxic and dangerous to contact.

7.1. Wood. The element, which the Greeks somehow unimaginably managed to miss, although all the ancient systems have it. Its absence (at least in sources) has badly popped western astrology, up to its complete nonworking: it’s like taking the addition out of mathematics and trying to count somehow without it. You get all kinds of crap that sometimes adds up to something. The Wood element is the native element of Jupiter, on the slice of which our body’s eyes and vision, tendons, immune system, liver and gallbladder, and many other things work. It is essentially the element of Shadow, whose currents have entered the dense world and formed something new in form. Therefore, Shadow and Wood are the same element, but at different levels of matter density. In Ba-Tzu it corresponds to the Yang and Yin Wood, depending on the qualities of the element.

8.The Element of Light. And there is a great deal of confusion with it. Initially, Light is the very spark of life that activates a living body. It is extremely rare and tends to flow from one to another rather than accumulate somewhere, but it is through it that life exists. Not to be confused with the element of Life. Demons are alive, but there is no Life in them. But! What people mean by the element of Light and what is described in god-awful monotheistic books is a sub element of Fire, not Light. Let’s call it Light2 or even the Element of Illumination. Look at the light bulb – that’s it.

9.Fire. The most massive element in the world, because it actually provides the energetic “gasoline” on which most processes, including those of the body and psyche, move. It is conducted simultaneously by the Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.

The Sun and its slice builds our ego, psyche, and self-esteem. It corresponds to the Yang Fire in Ba-Tzu.

Mars provides the resource of the body and psyche for life. Also through its element the brain, the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, the acidity of the stomach and other GI organs, the small intestine, and the entire spectrum of aggressive and joyful emotions work. It is also the Yin Fire.

Uranus works as an engine for change on a particularly large scale, such as when a certain singer “lights up” the entire world, literally billions of people, with his hit. It also ignites revolutions, introduces fashions, etc. (Also Yang Fire).

Pluto. Like radiation, it burns and rots what must die out and go into oblivion. Transformation cleanses the unnecessary, recycling it into universal fuel. Read: when something unnecessary decays, it transfers all of its energy straight into the element of Fire.

10.Earth. Saturn’s element, literally earth – stones, clay, soil, sand, etc. Karma and karmic mechanics work “on it” on the subtle side, on the dense side it gives the base of cells and tissues of the dense body, builds muscles, stomach and bones, allows taste. There is confusion with this element in Russian because earth is both a planet and soil. But the element of the planet Earth is the element of Life, and the earth as an element is Saturn. In Ba-Tzu and related systems – it is Yin and Yang Earth, depending on the qualities.

11.Water. The Water element is a very important slice of space for all levels because an incredible number of objects, especially living ones, are built on it. It is conducted by Mercury, Neptune, and partially by the Moon. In the body, water runs the actual water-salt metabolism, bones, kidneys and bladder, ears and hearing. Also, pregnancy and child-bearing are entirely of this element, so if there is a lack of it in the body and chart, this process is impossible a priori. The very cases when the pair can’t have a child without any clear medical reasons: for something to grow, even if it’s a burdock or embryo, you have to water it. It is also, like Shadow, a transport.

12.Metal \ Air. The elements of the planet Venus, which line up a million of objects and are responsible for literally all chemical reactions between elements, substances, Elements and anything else. The Venus slice gives the principle of mixing one thing with another, the appearance of something new: two met, love happened = a child appeared, mixed notes = new music appeared, mixed foods = a dish came out, etc., etc. In the body, the Metal element lines up the large intestine, lungs, bronchi, smell perception, sexual organs, etc. It corresponds to Metal in the Ba-Tzu.

13.Life. Element of the Earth planet. Aka Chi energy in Chinese medicine, aka (divided into polarities) – the same Yin and Yang. Cyclic element, which appeared as a result of experiments with the element of Wood and its derivatives. This element is essentially a fodder element and is characterized by cyclical existence: sowed, sprouted, grew, matured, withered, disappeared, giving birth to a new life. It is well depicted in Chinese metaphysics in the form of the system of 12 phases of Chi energy.

Technically each slice can still be broken down into Zodiac signs, polarities and a bunch of tables, but why… Basically this small text replaces about three sections of a library with waste paper on astrology, medical practices, magic, the unknown, self-discovery and other obscurantism. Everything is physics. It’s just that the physics is a little more complicated than the school textbook.

Written by Mylene Maelinhon (c) Archaic Heart portal

Translated by Maxus

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  • Добрый вечер, статья как всегда на ✈️ Интересно, а существуют ли элементами стихии тени?

  • Очень рада видеть эту статью! Когда-то, я искала информацию про стихии. Не в теме эзотерики, а в качестве продумать фентези-мирок. Всё было не то, не логично, урезанно или с несвязанным излишком. Так добралась до эзотерических статей и все создавали ощущение спагетти на ушах.
    Потом, на мой очередной запрос, проявилась статья о 13 стихиях с Архаика. Это было феерично. Я увидела логику, понятные описания и внятное взаимодействие их между собой. Мне понравилось. Так и осталась читателем сайта.
    Снова видя статью, мой круг, замкнулся. Теперь это новый уровень. Такой же доступный и понятный, но обновлённый. Ощущается большой опыт и понимание темы.
    Благодарю за публикацию и проделанную работу, приведшей, к такому лаконичному тексту🔥

    • Благодарю 🙂 Эта статья – конкретно для проекта на Пикабу, но она вышла лучше и полнее старой, поэтому фактически заменит ее в эфире.
      По сути, это точка зрения на стихии с плана тонкого, а не человеческого, поэтому такие большие отличия и в логике, и в структуре и в количестве. Хотя, насколько я знаю, у египтян и многих других народов так же рассматривалось именно это количество элементов.

      • Благодарю за статью, Милен, интересно знать а за депрессивные состояние тоже отвечает вода и металл? Не могу найти конкретную инфу в бацзы. Вот например я огонь ян, сейчас князь года вода ян и ноябрь с водичкой. Связано ли это с состоянием? Буду благодарна хоть за маленькую инфу.

        • Депрессия – это не стихия, это когда закончился ресурс самой Ци в теле. Конкретно в Манипуре пусто, бензобак не имеет ресурсов на нужды тела и психики.

  • Здравствуйте!
    Очень интересная статья, прочитал на одном дыхании.
    Подскажите пожалуйста, коль 13 стихий, значит и энергоцентров основных 13.
    Если Вам не сложно, можете распить, какие планеты и стихии за какие энергоцентры отвечают? В интернете очень сильно разница информация о связи планет с энергоцентрами.

    • Энергоцентров в теле 321. Но человек физически проводит только полярности 6 стихий, пустоты или хаоса в его теле нет и быть не может. Они есть только в тех, кто рождён с таким движком.
      Статья про соответствие стихий и энергоцентров:

  • Извиняюсь! Опечатался в сообщении. “Разъяснить” а не “распить”.

  • А бывают ли подстихии, которые являются чем-то промежуточным между какими-то стихиями?

  • Благодарю за интересную статью. Информация подана предельно ясно.

  • Классная статья. Но еще раз убеждаюсь, что даже с такой четкой и сжатой подачей материала(что есть супер и большая редкость) необходимо не единожды возвращаться к прочтению. Каждый раз что-то новое, как в хорошей книге

  • Благодарю за статью! Очень легко объяснили, прям на ходу все поняла

  • Правильно ли я понимаю, что все стихии являются подвидами базовой вибрации вселенной, распределенными по многомерному спектру в соответствии с частотой вибраций, их качеством, энергетической насыщенностью, взаимопереходами и слияниями, и пр.? В вашей статье про Махавидий говорилось: “Они могут как рассыпаться на 13 отдельных существ, так и составлять одну глобальную Ма, которая рулит всеми составляющими, как одним целым. Каждая Махавидья живет на своей фазе Ци,” – это очень похоже на то, как стихии составляют все сущее во вселенной, заполняя собой все пространство и сохраняя связность внутри среза. Как разные фазы существования между состоянием частицы и суперпозицией.

    • Ну да, примерно так.
      То есть, существует первичный стихийный “бульон”, который потом уже делится на виды, окрашивается в разные цвета, становится чем то другим.

  • Милен, здравия Вам! Статья уникальна!!! Недаром говорят: всё гениальное – просто. ” О сколько нам открытий чудных готовит просвещенья дух…”
    Каждый текст для меня – открытие, и , как это обычно бывает, новые вопросы. Я не могу понять, как появляются фазы Ци и почему именно 13, а не 12 ( по месяцам)? Это искусственно созданный механизм Сансары, для кругооборота, рассчитанный на время прохождения Земли вокруг Солнца – 1 год, 12 месяцев? Ба-цзы ориентируется на 12. И полярности Инь-Ян : придуманы (аналогично преобразованию постоянного тока в переменный), чтобы не “сжечь” меридианы и чакры в теле?
    А практики Цигун увеличивают плотность Ци и накопление в хранилищах (всяких Дянь Тянях) независимо от фаз, всё подряд. Они что, просто собирают весь спектр, как универсальную силу и здоровье? А как же Манипура бензобак? Видимо, я запуталась…
    Т.к. меня интересуют вопросы здоровья, помогите разобраться пжл.

    • А почему не 18? Не 5? Не существует ответа “почему” на вопрос о чем то объективно существующем. А почему трава зеленая? А почему окна не круглые? А почему небо синее, а не красное? А почему у шестеренки вот 22 колышка, а не 24?
      Да ни почему.
      Всё является каким то, потому что вот так оно придумано, потому что у него должна быть какая то форма и какое то количество. Ну вот поставили такое количество и такой цвет, такие формы. Какие-то надо выбрать.
      Манипура – это сам бензобак, Ци – бензин. Бензин в карте просматривается по стихии ресурса, а величина бака – по фазам.

  • Читаю эту статью третий раз, и каждый раз нахожу что-то новое, что не поняла в прошлое прочтение
    Это безумно интересно

  • Соответствия “современной” физики: Тьма = Темная Енергия ; Тень = Темная Материя ; Пустота=Пространство трехмерное ; Время = Время одномерное ; Хаос = Газ= “воздух” ; Огонь = Плазма = ионизированньІй газ ; Свет = Електро-магнитное поле ; Смерть = Гравитация ; Жизнь = Прана = Ци = поток солитонов, как уединенньІх частиц-волн; Дерево = ионньІй проводник ; Вода = непроводящая ток жидкость ; Земля = изолятор, Металл = проводник? 13 “состояний”?

  • Здравствуйте,Милена! Очень интересная и познавательная статья!) Скажите пожалуйста – обычно работают с 5-6 стихиями, прокачиваются ими,усваивают,сочетают и тд… А если также начать работать и с другими стихиями указанными Вами в этой статье? Не разберешь случайно себя на атомы,не покорежишь свои энерго-информационные структуры?)) Или наоборот – наработаешь структуры,инструменты,поля и знания?)

    • Работают – кто? Со всеми стихиями “работают”.
      Для любой работы нужно зрение, нам надо видеть, что мы делаем и для чего. Остальное – техника безопасности и знания.
      Например, опасно долго работать с некро, равносильно сильному облучению радиацией, со всеми вытекающими.

  • Милена, а почему ни как не упоминается гравитация нашей земли? Она оказывает существенное влияние на всё человечество. Хотелось бы понять, почему её ни как не качнулись в данной статье. Спасибо

    • Это подстихия Хаоса. У основных еще есть дочерние и их очень много, например электричество – это подстихия огня. Но если их все расписывать – статья будет в 10 раз длиннее 🙂