The Astromantics: do it yourself! (Maelinhon)

Peace to you.

Some time ago, there was a pretty noisy article on my resource about how to humiliate any mantis and tarologist and why diagnosing problems with tarot often doesn’t work. Let’s continue this good tradition: today I will teach you how to skillfully humiliate astrologers and numerologists. After all, astrology is not about “zodiac signs” and other pop stuff, it’s completely different things. Let’s leave the zodiac to the tabloids. In fact, unfortunately, the project lacks “general” articles-guides, we often focus on narrow topics, ignoring more mass and wide ones.

Let’s try.

What will remain of both sciences if we remove the obscurity, extravagance, and desire to make money off your ignorance? What is their essence? In other words, can you use astrology and numerology yourself if you haven’t studied either, don’t have birth charts, and don’t know anything about them at all? I tell you: yes. To drive a car, you don’t need to be an engineer who knows the machine inside and out and can take it apart with your own hands. You just need some basic information and a little common sense analyzing the situation.

From this article you will learn how to use it all “in a clear field” and apply it to yourself in all circumstances and receive clues and even intelligible answers from space. Numerology I will teach you here in full, full course and free of charge, so to speak, without sms and registration.

To avoid tricky, jesuit questions, I don’t practice astrology of any kind at all, I specifically deal with a hybrid of Chinese (Taoist?) metaphysics and Jyotish. Simply put, I work with the elements, not the calculated planets, so I’m neither cold nor hot from this information dumping. And for the audience such an article can be a real information bomb.

 Western Astrology vs. Eastern Metaphysics

First, let’s understand the basics. The world around us is literally made up of particles of various elements that make up the space and universe around us. All of its objects, both living and non-living, are composed of elements, and all processes occurring with these objects are determined by vibrations from these elements and their movements. There is sand on the table, and there is a vibration, which makes the sand grains jump and line up in some order.  Therefore, there is no object or process that is outside this system: whatever we deal with, whatever process takes place, it will be the elements and the processes in them.

There are 13 elements in the world, each of which forms either the fabrics and matter of this world, or influences as a flow and wave of transformation for objects already created.

There are 5 dense elements – Metal (Venus), Wood (Jupiter), Water (Mercury), Fire (Mars) and Earth (Saturn). You can touch a wooden table or water in a lake with your hands – it’s wood and water, the crystallized flows of the elements Jupiter and Mercury. But how do you touch your ego? Can you feel the memory with your hands? Is it possible to taste fear or see the movement of time? Impossible! So it’s worth assuming that there are also elements that can be described as subtle, ephemeral, and ethereal. However, existing – fear is as real to us as a table. For some level the demon is as real as the water in the lake – at the dense level. Therefore, the world can and should also immediately be divided into dense and subtle, and one should not try to apply the techniques of one to the other, for example, to look with DENSE eyes at a SUBTLE object (and vice versa).

The flows of the elements move through space according to very clear, mathematically precise coordinates (this section of metaphysics is called Qi Men), while the planets are the translators (not the creators) of these flows. Broadly speaking, each planet forms a stream of particles and vibrations that create, like pieces of a puzzle, everything you see around you, including yourself.

And here is the difference.

Western Astrology is a science that studies the movements of the planets themselves, but doesn’t deal with the elements. No, fitting a stump of 4 out of 13 is not an operation, it’s not even mixing apples and oranges, it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The elements in the Western system are like if we took addition out of mathematics and tried to count something without it. Why? I have no idea. Anyway, in western astrology everything is tied exactly to the planets – how they move, what aspects and degrees they enter into, what impulses they set in space and how they did it at the time of your birth. Metaphorically speaking, the western system knows everything about the brick factory: composition, quality, batches, degrees of inclination, etc., but this science does not consider bricks themselves at all in principle. If you have a problem with the bricks in the wall, they will tell you why there was a mistake with the composition of bricks in your party. And then let it fall, they did what they could.

Vedic astrology and Chinese metaphysics study the bricks themselves, paying less attention to the planets. How the elements are lined up in your body, what balance they have, blockages, conflicts, pluses and minuses, how the bricks change with age, etc. Simply put, you have a pain in your leg, and a metaphysician will tell you what to do about it, and that’s why Eastern medicine is so closely related to planets – it treats root causes and misalignments in the very foundation. But the same Ba-Tzu system deals with the planets much less, and this somewhat reduces the range of possible work and the system has to be supplemented with techniques from Jyotish.

How does it work? If your house begins to collapse, the “Easterner” will tell you which bricks are not in order, how and what to rearrange in the right order and in general to add another floor. Westerners will tell you that the batch of bricks was defective, name its composition, errors in the mixture, find the head of the bricks in the factory and give a detailed audit. Will this help you with a falling house? It won’t help you at all. But, Western astrology is very good at the prognostic part, because this system sees rejected batches of bricks in advance, knows the dates of manufacture, schedules them to fall on one’s head, and so forth.

Of course, in both systems there are incompetent masters and crooks, and there are those who really dig in and try to help, but… Do we even need these zodiac signs, these degrees, aspects, and exact positions of the planets to work with the elements and improve our lives? No, we don’t. We do need:

Slices of space and planetary principles

If you simplify all this information to the practical and everyday level, your gallbladder is particles of the element of wood, your kidneys are particles of water, your heart is composed of fire, and each type of element, process and tissue is governed by some planet. And in terms of metaphysics, your kidneys and the water in the lake are the same thing, one slice of space, one substance. So both are governed by the same graha. Just imagine that ALL the trees and plants in the world are one web of particles, every atom of every plant is one substance. All the livers and sinews of the world are part of it. And also all objects of green, everything that moves like a pendulum and forward, everything that has the number 3 or a multiple of three, all eyeballs and morning hours… In short, a slice of the elements is a giant piece of the world woven from trillions of objects, principles and particles, united by a governing planet. The planet changes position – the entire slice of space stretches behind it and every liver and birch in the world reacts to the process in its own way.

And each planet has its own slice.

Eastern medicine looks at our body in the same way – as one canvas, where physics and psyche are one and the same. You experience the emotion of anger, Jupiter’s cells pulling, your liver aching. You experience shame and clamp down on your feelings – the Venus slice clamps down and endless infections and genital problems begin. And so on. Imagine the slice as a tablecloth, with the body on one side and the psyche on the other. If you drop ink on one side, it will gradually leak onto the other.

Here is the very basics of metaphysics and astrology. It’s about that, not about zodiac signs, stations, degrees, and Mercury in Gemini. To work with that, you need two things: to know what goes into each slice of space and to have some brains and imagination to interact with it all. The degrees and signs there are not just secondary crap, most of the time they don’t affect anything globally at all. Signs are an attempt to find some kind of static analogy for the realization of the planet’s work among animals or mythical objects. People look for analogies for ease of understanding, but in this case analogies have already overshadowed the very essence of science.

Each planet, by creating its slice, essentially collects an archive of objects, which it then controls. But the most important thing is that each planet moves only its slice and only according to one strict principle, one algorithm, the rest of the space spectrum is simply not visible to the grahas. If an object changes color or behavior, if the day or night changes, or if new circumstances arise, the object already moves to another slice and changes its ruler. Planets never touch other slices and can’t step out of the algorithm, start acting differently, etc. Simply put, if you repaint a car from green to red, it goes from the Jupiter slice to Mars, whatever that means.

So if you know how each slice works, without any natal charts at all, you can determine in a couple of seconds what you are dealing with, what period it is and who is in front of you. Just put what you want to understand under the algorithm and you will see which planet and which element. Think of people, paths and events – as elemental objects and you will see many more profitable ways to interact with them and bypass the pits. You can work with the slice with upayas, amulets, colors, locations, mantras, and many other ways, take into account in your doings and so on.  Even in terms of health: if your heart hurts, look at which slice there is a ‘boo-boo’, analyze it, and look for a solution there.

Speaking of the notorious retrograde planets. Mercury or Mars retrograde is when the planet “defragments” its slice, that is, it goes through all the objects for errors and broken sectors. The slice sort of disintegrates into separate pieces, and then reassembles back into a grid. That’s why it hits everybody so hard – it’s like your body’s breaking down a little bit too…

An important point: grahas (spirits of planets) are something akin to artificial intelligence, that is, a complex, multidimensional, living object, which is both a being and a piece of space at once. It lives in every particle of its slice, but it has its own consciousness, and it can be contacted.

We use the Sanskrit word “graha”, but all the pantheons have them, because every nation gave the Sun or Love its own name and called it a deity. Therefore Mangala is quite Perun and Hephaestus, and Yarilo and Ra are Surya. In general, there are VERY few names in the pantheons of the dense world, but everyone has VERY many names. You can and should work with them. And the whole list of major gods and goddesses from Wikipedia you can fit to the table if you don’t have any work to do and even your navel is already cleaned to a shine and have absolutely nothing to do. Because the information makes 0.00 sense. And western astrology really fucking loves to fart to puddle: Chiron is a centaur, which was associated in ancient Ololalia with… Why do we need this information? Will it somehow help to cure a pain in the kidneys, or to make money? But this waste paper is a good third of the entire Western “tradition”.

There are different systems of accounting for the planets, the Western one puts the Sun in the center, the Chinese one – Jupiter. Why Jupiter? Because we live in a dense world, working on the element of Life, which is a daughter element of Jupiter and a hybrid product of the elements of Wood and Time. From Jupiter to Terra comes the main flow of Chi, and from it comes a great deal of activity. But we will take apart the heliocentric system: it has the Sun in the center, because it is the planet that sets the center of the personality and the center of the galaxy, the rest will have aspects to it.

The planets from the Sun to Saturn build the cells of everyone living on Earth, both psyche and physics. The planets from Saturn onward affect only the great masses of people and entities. If someone has a million subscribers on YouTube – it’s Uranus, if there is a war or epidemic where thousands and millions of people die – it’s Pluto. Individuals can only relate aspectually to these giants and through them influence the masses. Matrices and natal charts of entities can also include these planets and those further away, and even those outside the Solar System.

Planets, slices and principles

 The Sun

The basic principle: I am.

Numeral 1. Element – Yang Fire. Pure Yang polarity. All masculine, open, bright, not secret, solid and external, convex, hot and dry. Sun and stars, large sources of fire.

Graha: Surya

You are objectively some kind of dimuth, you have such-and-such a history, such-and-such appearance, parameters and qualities. But everyone sees you differently: for your partner you are a support, for people in the subway you are a gray mass, for your boss you are a valuable staff, for your father you are a pain in the ass, for your mother you are her favorite child, and the neighbor from the 5th floor has lost his mind and considers you the center of the World Evil. Are you all of the above? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe partly, if you take it all away and leave your objective description from within, unclouded by the influence and opinions of anyone from the outside, you will be the only one left. As you are. What are you without it all?

Imagine the core of a planet. A rock around which layers of other materials and substances are already developing. Your self, your ego, and the core of your psyche are a slice of the Sun.

The Sun first builds a slice of the psyche, in which you are generally aware of yourself as a unit. Then the Sun begins to build aspects to the other planets and there are halftones, nuances and influences. Your Daddy-Saturn has got it into your head that you’re a pain in the ass and your neighbor calls you a reptiloid, and that affects your Sun in some way. And each planet adds some half-tones and nuances to your Self that form your self-esteem, your opinion of yourself and your behavioral base.

Keep it in your mind, I’ll get back to it in a moment.

The Moon 

The basic principle: I think, I imagine.

Numeral 2. Element of Time, element of the Void. Pure Yin polarity. All feminine, secret, hidden, inner and concave, dark, cold and moist. No dense manifestation.

Graha: Chandra

The Moon is the slice that completely covers everything about the head and what’s going on in it. Thoughts, ideas, fantasies, awareness of yourself and your position in space and time. Everything you think is a slice of the Moon, everything you see in a dream or fantasy is also a slice of the Moon. You can also feel free to include the empty objects of the world: movies, books, stories, popular folklore, and everything that technically does not exist and cannot be touched, but you can imagine it and it will appear at some level. You realize in your mind that the hero of the book doesn’t exist, and the hero of the movie is played by someone else, but you feel empathy for them, and at the level of empty space these two appear to you. You can also imagine a place that already exists or doesn’t exist at all. You can imagine a dead person or an animal, bring back to life something that once was there, but now doesn’t exist.

On the negative side, it is responsible for the whole spectrum of psychiatric illness because exactly the failure of the Moon and its satellites Ketu and Rahu slice is a failure of perception of reality and its analysis. This includes stupid mysticism, confused consciousness, déjà vu and jamé vu, sleepwalking and other perceptual disorders.


Basic Principle: Gradual, step-by-step and point-by-point movement, habitual and civil, legal.

Numeral 3. Elements Yang Tree, Yin Tree, the element of Shadow. Graha – Guru. East. Spring. Morning hours. Green, blue-green and sea colors. Color as such. Forward and pendular motion. All kinds of plants, trees and grasses, flowers, wood.

Jupiter is the planet that lines everything up from zero to N numbers. First you had $10, then $100, then $1,000, then $10,000, and so on, in either direction. First you played simple scales, then complex scales, then melodies, then your own music, then a conservatory. If you somewhere see these phases from small to large or back, that’s Jupiter. If someone wants to skip these phases and learn a language in 2 days or become a billionaire in an hour (and vice versa, is fixated on phases) – this is broken Jupiter.

In space, this planet is about legalizing something in the public consciousness and life in general (which is also about “stepping stones”). Around you there are such houses, such people, such problems, such a set of dishes, such music is popular, and so on. It was once so gradually settled and became habitual and ordinary. From food to method books at the university: everything that is legal, accepted, civilized, approved and not condemned by society is a slice of Jupiter. It is devoid of novelty, it is perfectly civil and correct, and it requires following rules and laws. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so good, because there is never anything new in the Jupiter slice, it parses everything out according to the old and familiar, generating dogmas, canons, rigid frameworks and the whole range of beliefs and cognitive distortions in the head. Everything new is a slice of Venus.

In the body it is responsible for the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, tendons and ligaments (in general, all “collagen”), immunity, eyes and seeing, color perception, emotions of anger and irritation.


(North Lunar Node)

Basic Principle: Future tense

Numeral 4. The element of Time, the element of the Void.

Rahu is the brother-acrobat of the Moon, who is just the same is responsible for thoughts and viewing something in your head, but in the future tense. All your premonitions, prophetic dreams, thoughts and fantasies about the future, however, as well as the image of the future itself – is Rahu and its principle, which is played by it in space and in the minds.

The aspect of the Moon and Rahu is when you sit dreaming of a sweet future, scrolling in your mind scenarios of all kinds of pleasant things that could happen.


Basic Principle: Puzzles, many small segments – into a single canvas.

The number 5. Element – Water Yin. A circular motion in a counter-clockwise direction. Blue and black spectrum of colors. Night, cold weather, North. Sounds. Fear. Salty taste. All bodies of water, oceans, rivers and seas, lakes, pools, and even just humidity.

Graha: Budha.

Mercury is easy to distinguish from other slices, there are always many, many little pieces in his element. Language: many words that, by some principle, have folded into a linguistic canvas. Bank: millions of bills, coins, accounts, cards linked into one system. Thoughts: many words, ideas, and information that are constantly moving, connecting to form thinking. Roads, lines of probability, puzzles, social networks… Get the principle? Anywhere you see many small segments forming a single picture is a slice of Mercury. In physiology as well.

Mercury completely holds the mental space, both public (collective unconscious) and personal: everything you and the people around you know, can do, their history, and so on. The general information field is a slice of Mercury. Those who are less smart live not with their own minds, but with information from the collective field, which dictates them with data and dogmas. Those who are smarter have their own mentality where general patterns do not penetrate. The second category forms the mentality for the first category, but according to the patterns they need. Hello propaganda.

If you see a person who can’t string two words together, constantly stumbles, says the same thing in circles, speaks in general phrases, can’t express his thoughts clearly, or is excessively talkative, that is a broken Mercury slice in a person’s chart. He cannot put the pieces together in a single grid. The planet moves fast, and if the slice in the body doesn’t work properly, the mind can’t keep up with the slice, and the tongue can’t keep up with the brain. You get a blabbermouth who isn’t clear on what he’s talking about. At the opposite end of the spectrum are hypnotic crooks who can talk anyone’s teeth off. And they are so good at putting together a coherent speech out of small pieces that you can’t escape from their web and get stuck in it.

In the body it is responsible for the urogenital system, kidneys, endocrine and hormones, builds the sound system, the ears and partly the bones. Without it, pregnancy is impossible, and it also ensures the movement of water through the body (again we see how the water arteries connect the organs into one grid).



Basic principle: I feel, I want. Chemical reactions of 2 or more elements, fusion of elements and generation of new.

Numeral 6. The element Metal, the element Air, the element Darkness. Graha – Shukra. Movement from top to bottom. West, autumn and sunset time. Spicy Taste. White and gray colors. Sadness and longing, sad emotions. Smells. Metal objects (any metal), air, high floors of houses. Everything new, marginal, unfamiliar.

Venus is responsible for the fusion of elements and its result. Anything with anything: we have element 1, element 2, we mix them, and we get element 3. You take a coffee, pour hot water into it, and you get a drink. You put food together and you get a dish. You lock yourself in a dark room with a cute dimuth of the opposite sex, forgetting the condoms, and you have children. You make up notes, you make music. Anything where there is connection, reaction, and generation of the new is Venus and its slice. So in a broad sense you could say that Venus is really responsible for love and creativity, but it’s not all that simple. Borsch is also Venus, as is your gratuitous (un)affection for certain people and places. You are the object of the conjunction of the elements, and when you interact with others, there is literally a chemical reaction of the elements, causing us to like and dislike other people, places, tastes, and whatever.

Venus is the antithesis of Jupiter because it generates new things: new ideas, new ways of doing things, new tastes, new music, new food, and new things in general. At first, society usually accepts them with resistance; new things are always marginal. Then, if the thing proves to be good, Jupiter “legalizes” it and it becomes usual for the masses, but then it already moves from Venus to the Jupiter slice and from marginal to civil. By the way, this is the reason why esoteric books make no sense: the written and legalized is Jupiter a priori, while the subtle plane is Venus and the marginal, they cannot overlap.

Nuance: Venus generates the new only from a mixture of the old, the very new and hitherto never-before-seen generates Neptune.

In the body, Venus builds the lungs and bronchi, nose and respiratory organs, nasopharynx, genitals, and large intestine.


Basic Principle: Cyclicity and timing.

The number is (presumably) 3, but we are directly on the object, so it cannot beacon to us by numbers. Element – Life, the element of Wood. Graha – Baal. Humans and animals, insects, birds and fish, reptiles.

The element of Life, a slice of which the planet Earth (Terra) conducts, is originally a “foraging” element, which appeared as a result of experiments with the element of wood. The subtle non-human wanted to breed more plants to consume as food and created an “open source project” where anyone could create a pumpkin or mushroom to their liking. And the elements of Jupiter began to be raped in every possible way, breeding all possible kinds of trees, fruits and vegetables, herbs, flowers and other things. At some point, an ill-bright, scaly head came up with the bad idea of sticking this engine not in the wood, but in the meat. That’s how animals were made, and then Man was made. A being with a rigid attachment to cycles and time, like Daddy-Jupiter, yet wanting to live outside of cycles like everyone else. Terra conducts this very element, its slice responsible precisely for the cyclical flow of Chi energy – first the embryo, then the infant, then the child, then the adult, then the mature, then the old man, then dies, then is born again and in a circle. A person can’t be an old man, then be born young, then become a teenager, it’s out of cycles. A demon can, it doesn’t have Life in it, it has a different engine.  The Element fully provides the life cycles of humans and all animals in all worlds.

Ketu (South Lunar Node)

Basic Principle: Past time. Numeral 7. Element of Time, element of Void.

Second brother of the Moon. When you walk on your mainline, the Lifeline so to speak, you have something behind you and something you see ahead of you. And if Rahu is your look forward, then Ketu is your look backward, behind your back. All past events, past time and its illustration, thoughts and dreams of what happened before are Ketu. For good and bad, the past can be different, both happy and traumatic. That’s why we remember traumas so well – they are fixed exactly in the slice of the South Node.

The overwhelming number of schizophrenics short-circuit on this slice, because Rahu is usually knocked out there, a mush of what the unit already knows and what he saw in the past is left, which remains in the Moon. Schizophrenics do not operate with new information, they make it up from already known until it loses all sense.

Schizoterics grows from the same place: the deep aspect of Ketu and Jupiter generates this disgusting mass of “information”, where all is ancient, former, something was, was thought, associated in ancient times… In a word, gods BEEN. Thousands of years ago, once there they were, like all magic, subtle and unknowable. Then they apparently all died and remained in the past, nothing new happens there, everything is known, described, studied and civilized. And since the subtle plane is pure Venus and Rahu, then… make your own conclusions.


Basic Principle: I must, I oblige. Balance and justice. Karma.

Numeral 8. Earth Yang and Earth Yin. The element of Earth and Time, soil, earth, stones, clay, sand, mountains. Sweet taste. Yellow and brown. Movement from inward to outward. Southwest. Square shape. Graha: Shani.

Planet-critic, planet-servant. Saturn is the only planet that has no ego or essence of its own, it only makes aspects to the other planets, serves them and brings their slices into balance. The planet-auditor and accountant. Who, how much, whom, what, when… Shani sets the parameters of the natal chart before your birth, depending on the karma worked out. He also sums up the results of lives.

Everything Shani does can be described in two words: Purity and Balance. If something is done long, hard, and worked up with sweat and blood, it is a slice of Saturn. He makes sure that evil is returned to villains in new cycles and new lives, that the abused receive vengeance and compensation, and that there is balance in everything. He cleanses the filth from everything he comes in contact with – places, bodies, good names, and other objects.

On the positive side, Saturn sets the natural framework in the psyche, the innate sense of justice, duty, honor, purity and decency. You don’t do many things because you understand – you can’t do that, it’s evil, the Shani slice creates this moral framework, doesn’t allow you to pass by the sick and unhappy without helping.  Saturn is alien to joy and positivity, it is heavy, gloomy and sullen, because it is called to balance the fun of other slices: have fun, love, drink, laugh, eat, but in limits. That particular limit is Saturn, and if there is a normal amount of it, it’s rather good to know the limit in everything. But if a lot of it, in the negative Saturn suffocates with heavy prohibitions, dogmas, moral debts and burdens, hopeless work and suffering. Religious fanatics love it. They can do nothing but suffer and work until they die. The true Shani is not like that, but his manifestation can be.

Saturn is not just in your natal chart, Saturn is the graha that determines your natal chart. It is he who decides where you will be born, in what family and with what shape of nose. He is in charge of karma, because karma is a balance in its purest form.

In the body it builds cells, muscles and their resources, stomach and spleen, the perception of taste and oral cavity. Responsible for cell division, so when in excess it causes cancer, obesity and overgrowth of any kind of tissue. Sometimes realized by desiccation of the flesh and bones.


Basic Principle: I Can. Gas tank and power reserves, resources of any kind.

Numeral 9. Element – Fire Yin. Graha – Mangala. South, summer time. Triangular shape and cones, clockwise circle, incense and combustion. Peaks and climaxes of anything. Noon. Bitter flavors. Red and pink colors and scales. Tactile perception. The emotion of joy.  Movement from the bottom to the top. Fire, fires and candles, burning flames of all kinds and electricity.

Mars is as simple as any warrior. Mars is the gas tank of the body and the receiver of events. You live in a heap of slices and lines, something happens to you all the time, you accept it and interact with it. Through Manipura you receive events and messages from the External World and somehow react to them, squeeze energy out of the events, etc. To take out what’s going on, to restore your strength and health, and to keep your marbles, you need a lot of strength, which is exactly what the Mars slice provides. Everything you have the resources and strength for, the amount of body and mind energy, second and third breaths, and so on. A supply of gasoline. A supply of firewood for the winter. A supply of water. Weapons stored for emergencies. Supplies and stashes. All of this is Mars in the broad sense, which allows you to do whatever you want based on what you’ve got. Or does not allow, as Shani karmically disposes of the resources.

Mars also covers all the high points. Listened to a joke – laughed. Had sex – reached orgasm. Angry, boiling – exploded and started yelling. This, too, is a stock and accumulation, but local. In a negative way, it greatly expands the range of what you can and dare to do, up to breaking laws, killing, torturing and beating, and other uses of force and aggression. If someone is torturing people for science’s sake, that’s also a Mars slice, “because I can.”

In the body, Mangala builds the cardiovascular system, the brains (although I think some have them built by wood and Guru, but that’s not accurate =), the nervous tissues and “electrical” activity of the body, the blood and small intestine, and the overall balance of physical strength. When imbalanced with earth and/or wood causes diabetes because it is responsible for the breakdown of glucose and its assimilation. If missing in the chart it causes degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.


Numeral 9. Graha – Domaha.

Basic principle: Transformation and Purification. Movement upwards.

Element Fire Yang, element of Death, element of Time. Manifested in radioactive elements, pus, infections, putrefaction and gangrene, cadaveric decomposition, wars and epidemics. Often – in degradation of people and non-humans.

Domaha is my favorite graha. It’s a funny mix between a Labrador and radioactive cesium: you don’t know whether it’s going to throw a centipede in your face or help you with your health. The older brother of Saturn and Mars, this graha stands a little apart from the others, being a little closer to the concept of “personality” than the others.

There is always a rot in all processes, personalities and layers. This is the wormhole through which infection enters, from which rot, necrosis and decay begins on all levels. Not only physical: people can also start cuckooing and mentally rotting from ideas. If a splinter gets into the body and you don’t get it out, the body will initiate inflammation, and it will come out already with a splash of pus and tissue inflammation. But it will come out, it’s a cleansing.

Pluto is the slice of space that is responsible for all kinds of splintering, rotting, and cleansing. The whole cycle. From the splinter to the maggots in the festering wound. Because in the process of evolution, purification and transformation into something better and higher, it is impossible to do without searching for and overcoming the rot.

Pluto is Saturn’s Nightmare level. If people have lost their moral bounds and do all kinds of abominations, Saturn comes and gives the first warning. Then a second. After the third red signal, Shani leaves, Domaha comes and it’s fucked up. The people get a dictator, the filthy get gangrene, the moral freaks get even more freaks than themselves, and the treacherous and traitors meet their doom in some especially horrible and painful way. Pluto is the one who turns the screws and brings the true, hopeless nightmare where no one reacts to normal signals. This is why dictators come under Pluto. If people miss 2 or more stop signs, there is a Plutonian Dictator who will bring things to SUCH a standstill that their grandchildren will howl never again in unison! It is on it that revolutions and wars explode, like pus erupting from a burst boil.

Basically, this graha is trying to clean everything up and take it to a higher level, to transform the object into a cooler one. Wormholes are very hindering to go up and evolve, so where Shani failed, Domaha shows up and it’s best not to let it get to that point.  Its aim is specifically purity and decency, to face your fears and wormholes bravely. That is why it is useful to turn to him if you want to work through your weaknesses and rottenness, to become higher and better. And people with strong Pluto usually bring out the rise and the demonstration of rot in those around them.

Curiously enough, if the wormholes are worked out, Pluto tends to reactively carry up those who have passed upayas, transforming their souls into a higher form and giving them all kinds of benefits. But to get such a kick from it, one has to be really ironclad and crystal clear, honest, without an excessive ego, and not afraid to admit one’s rottenness. That’s the kind of person Domacha loves.


Basic Principle: Creating the new.

Numeral 6. Element Water Yang, element of Darkness. Waves, tsunamis, very deep ocean waters.

Graha is Varuna.

Venus of the second octave, both planets do the same thing, but Neptune does brand new things for the vast masses of people. There were no televisions or electric guitars in ancient Egypt. Electric guitars didn’t appear until the 20th century, at some point someone invented them and assembled them for the first time in history. This primordiality is a slice of Neptune and there’s not much else to say about it in general.

The planet favors all creativity, all forms of art, including photography, and all areas where there is something new.


Basic Principle: Introduction of ideas to the masses, large masses of people, popularity and fame.

Numeral 1. The element Fire is Yang. Graha – Agni. 

Uranus is the second octave of the Sun. The planetary slice of Uranus is when the solar Ego reaches such a scale that it is already tight in his shoebox apartment and wants to be seen and loved by millions. Uranus is all that is loved, seen and known by millions. This is pure fame and notoriety, refined. It is only through Uranus and its slice that true entry onto the world stages, arenas and into people’s minds takes place. If there’s a video somewhere that a million+ people have watched, it’s definitely Uranus, he doesn’t think in small categories, a graha of that magnitude just doesn’t see anything smaller than a crowd of 500 people or more. The slice also covers everything from television, propaganda, slogans, and revolutions. There will always be someone with strong Uranus in the chart ahead of the revolutionary crowd dictating hurtful slogans.

Numerology and a little bit of peas

And now let’s back to aspects and practices. When the personality has built its core, the Sun is ready for battle, it begins to build aspects to the other planets and so the personality and psyche are formed. From thread to cloth: one added talents to the Sun, another added insurance, the third stands in a genius position… And so, slice by slice, you are formed.  Sun + Jupiter = I’m cool because I achieved this and that, I passed, I achieved \ I’m shit, I didn’t achieve, I couldn’t. Sun + Mercury = I’m cool because I have a lot of money. Sun + Venus = I’m handsome\ I’m ugly because I feel that way. Sun + Saturn = What am I, my business is small, the main thing is that I helped others and they feel good.

Bundles of 2 or more slices work similarly. Mercury + Jupiter gradually learned the language and collected a lot of money. Venus + Jupiter created a good symbiosis of innovation and classical education. Mars + Saturn worked hard and long, and gained.  On the negative side? Mercury + Pluto + Uranus rotted the mental field and caused mass carnage.  Venus + Mars + broken Jupiter do do some crazy stuff like dick painting, “because I can!” and fuck all sorts of frames and styles. Without Uranus support, no one needs this stuff, but if Agni shows up there, the stuff is in vogue.  Beaten Moon + Pluto + Mars = atomic schizo with a tendency to disembowel and torture someone to death.

Then you meet other people, they have their own sets, and everything spins up… That’s how the world is built. Just ask yourself: what principle is being played out right now in this situation? Am I seeing steps or puzzles? Is the person affected by the Sun or by Saturn? Which of the algorithms can be applied to the object and the situation?

Homework: Imagine aspects of different planets, observing the world, recording which slice and their mixtures the different processes and objects belong to.


All of this is already in you, this is all of you, every slice and planet. You are not Aquarius or Earth Dragon, you are all these guys and their connections.  The natal chart only confirms what you already feel and know about yourself. So, in the absence of an expert or other circumstances, just listen to yourself. Look at the world carefully, notice trends, for example, that you are physically better in the mountains, and you are weaker by the sea, think about people and things as elements. What’s good for them, what’s bad for them, how to interact better, etc.

Remember that you are constantly in a dozen slices and their halftones, you can use that for yourself. Study – Jupiter, laugh – Mars, sex happens on Venus, outside – inside, but babies are born on Saturn – inside – outside. You go inside – Venus, you turn around over your left shoulder – Jupiter… And so on. Where’s the numerology here? It’s literally all there. If a number is a slice-of-space signal, then remembering 10 numbers is enough to understand what you’re dealing with right now! Do you live in house number 8 and apartment 2? You have stronger Saturn and Moon slices, so you can do things in this apartment that are easier in the slices of those two. Do you see 22:12 on the clock?  2 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 7. Ketu and its slice signals that your involvement is needed, something within the past is going wrong. You arrive at the hotel and there is a number 203? Hello Mercury, the vacation will be in his slice and by his rules. When conducting an upayas, grahas almost always signal numbers. Numbers are just road signs of the slice, nothing more, where Sun is 1 and Mars is 9. Zero marks the transition to the subtle plane. That’s it. That’s the whole of numerology, I’m not kidding now, this paragraph is the whole science of numerology from beginning to end. And the entire article is literally ALL metaphysics, the raw and bare meaning, the rest is nuance, specifics, and other digging into the issue. Necessary, interesting, complex, but for ordinary life you only need a base.

The rest of the puffy tomes on astrology and numerology appear like this. Guys eat a lot of peas, sit in a puddle, take a printout of aspects, and start giving away many pages of information along the lines of “you have very powerful talents, but immoderate pride and father issues, and the number 7 in your birth is associated with the ancient Greek titan Ohrenilus and Mars vibrations!”  But here’s literally a couple of pages of refined information, and you’ve already learned how to identify aspects and planets yourself with high accuracy, without charts or paying for other people’s services. Peas you can buy yourself.

(c) Mylene Maelinhon & Sathelard \ stuff from the Marginal Metaphysics Project

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  • Мне интересно, а если человек кипит и бриться взорваться. Страх высвободить свои эмоции – какая граха бита?

    • Причина агрессии – боль, практически всегда. Забитая, затаенная, подавленная, прорывается наружу. Дальше уже детали, где прорывается и как.
      Сам по себе гнев – это Юпитер, прорывы – Марс.

      • Добрый день. Чувство страха – это надо прорабатывать Сатурн или Меркурий?

  • Существа тонкого плана, к примеру, инферны – подопечные Шкуры, эльфы – Юпитера, гномы – Сатурна, дальрам – Терра, Агни – джинны. Русалки, я так поняла, которые раса, а не утопленницы, это подопечные Меркурия. Плутон, значить элементалям стихии смерти – жнецы. Луна – пустотники. Солнце – ? Нептун – ?

    • Это человеческие названия из мифологии, к составу они отношения не имеют (джинн может быть и с Пустотой и с Тьмой и с Металлом, как и эльф может относиться к Земле). Да и сами они себя так не называют даже примерно.
      Не путайте стихии со сказками.

  • Мощнейшая статья. Только такой специалист, как Милен, может так просто, лаконично, местами юмористично и кратко изложить такой объемище очень важной информации. Нигде и никогда я не встречала, столь точных пояснений и аллегорий. Браво!!! Вы мой кумир в писательско-метафизическом мире. Спасибо, что вы есть.

  • Благодарю. Очень нужная выжимка, изложенная максимально доходчиво.

  • Огромное спасибо, Милен! Очень доходчиво и внятно. И даже в таком христоматийном ( самая суть) виде, информация расширила моё понимание в частности в нумерологии. Я изучала нумерологию западного образца, с построением квадрата Пифагора. Вопрос: возможно ли скомпилировать западный вариант построения квадрата Пифагора и трактовку полученных стихий в матрице, пользуясь той информацией, которую дали Вы? Благодарю!

    • Ну, можно конечно попробовать, но это примерно как микроскопом копать картошку.
      У вас есть аджна, открывайте глазки и смотрите матрицы, составы, линии, что душа пожелает. Расчетные техники хорошо в очень небольшом спектре наук и точно не тут.

  • Замечательная статья, спасибо!
    Я еще заметил что мало кто из практиков задумывается о том, как влияет крещение. Начинают искать каких-то врагов, порчи, некие высшие силы… А всё ведь реально как на ладони. Вот стихии, вот алгоритмы природные, вот влияние эгрегоров!!! И всё!! Из этого уже можно вычленить 9 из 10 проблем в жизни

    • Вы совершенно правы.
      На самом деле, если так отследить, то основная причина глобального пиздеца в жизни эзотериков – это крещение или печати МЭ.
      Процентов 90 ничего с ними не делает и пытается практиковать, или снимает рунами верхушку и думает что свободен. Но в основном – по принципу “ну я ж туда не хожу, хрен они мне сделают”. А потом чем дальше тем больше получают по морде от эгрегора за свои занятия. Вообще, если честно, офигеваю от этих ребят, они мне часто пишут с вопросом в духе “а как работать с рунами”, потом слово за слово и выясняется, что там уже все сферы жизни и здоровье порушены в ноль. Именно за занятия рунами и всяким таким.
      Но человек вместо того, чтобы сложить 2 + 2 и снять печати, думает что это как-то там неправильно с рунами работает или на него порчу навели.
      Ну нельзя с ними работать, нель-зя, запрещено самим ХЭ.

      • “Проще говоря, ваше здоровье, внешность, события, отношения, финансы и прочее, регулируется планетами и заложено от рождения. Эгрегор может только смягчать или усиливать врожденные данные или закрывать дороги, но события он не формирует, он не умеет. Проще говоря, будете вы под энным эгрегором религии или нет, вы все равно заболеете или наоборот выздоровеете, потому что так прописано в натальной карте.”
        Вот тут вы писали, что эгрегор не может влиять на здоровье, тем более вызвать болезни у человека, а в комментарии эгрегор у вас уже может и здоровье порушить и все сферы жизни. Так может или нет? Или он только дороги закрывает?

        • Эгрегор закрывает дороги и эгрегор путает восприятие. Влиять на восприятие – его основная работа.
          Если вам нужно для здоровья пить лекарства, держать диету и (например) не заниматься какими то вещами, то вам под таким влиянием начнет казаться, что делать наоборот – отличная идея. Либо же начнет тащить от полезного и нужного, вгонять в апатию, чтобы человек не делал и не совался в то, что позитивно влияет. Или даже боялся его.
          Так что и да и нет

  • Отличная статья! Скажите, а ношение на себе драг металлов способствует гармонизации стихий? Какие металлы для каких стихий полезны?

    Как можно увеличить ёмкость “баночек” под энергии стихий?

    • От карты зависит. Металл бывает двух видов, и он разным картам несет разное, вплоть до острых реакций.
      Баночки увеличить нельзя, но можно переформатировать потребление и убрать энергоемкие, лишние процессы.

  • Здравствуйте, а могут ли религиозные эгрегоры паразитировать на планетарных потоках ци? К примеру, может ли ХЭ паразитировать на срезе Раху/Кету? В который раз на них медицирую, распятие перед глазами, точнее перед Аджной.

  • К примеру, если печать МЭ крепится на Свадхистане, то оно влияет на восприятие солнечной ци? К примеру, открытые и жизнерадостные люди солнца, его будут откровенно бесить из-за искаженного восприятия?

    • Вы слишком сильно усложняете всё. Это работает проще.
      Граха – это большой такой сервер, у которого есть база данных и учет “топлива” в ней. У него есть условно 5триллионов объектов и 500 000 литров Ци. И он просто в автоматическом режиме считает и сводит это количество с магистралями, всё. Отношения между объектами внутри среза им до лампочки, грахи не отличают кабачки в огороде от генералов армии, потому что для них и кабачки и генералы – просто +1 единица Юпитера и еще +1 единица Юпитера. Ест ли генерал кабачки, гадит ли на грядку, паразитирует ли на поле с кабачками – базе данных до звезды вообще. Для нее прокуратура и эгрегор – одно и то же, она видит только класс объекта, а как этот объект взаимодействует с соседними, кто на себя перетягивает потоки Ци – это уже возня внутри среза.
      Проще говоря, граха – это компьютер, ему всё равно что вы на нем делаете, он не рефлексирует по этому поводу и не скажет вам, что вот этот файл ведет себя нехорошо с вами, а вот то окно содержит вранье и его лучше закрыть. Или если пришел сосед и записал вам какой то файл с неправдивой инфой, это просто +1 файл. У него есть задачи, есть файлы, есть алгоритм обработки данных. Всё.
      А вы спрашиваете, по сути, может ли файл внутри ПК быть вредным по отношению к вам и почему ПК с этим ничего не делает.
      С чакрами еще проще – вы сами эти зажимы и создаете, эгрегор только им подпевает.

  • Это даже не вопрос, требующий ответа, а скорее крик души.
    Я не понимаю принцип, лежащий в основе каждой стихии. Почему у каждой стихии именно такой набор проявлений и состояний, в чем их глубинная общность, создающая специфику именно этой стихии? Если про воду и огонь как-то понятно, то какая связь дерева с клетками печени, а земли – с селезенкой? :(((( Мне недостаточно просто запомнить, что связь есть. Я хочу понять суть. И не могу. Как будто от сознания ускользает точка зрения, с которой открывается внутренняя механика и логика этой взаимосвязи, с которой она становится концепцией. Мне понятна бОльшая часть того, что я на этом сайте читаю, в том числе идея разделения на стихии и их взаимодействие, но вот эта заноза – непонимание основополагающего принципа каждой из них, позволяющего отделить одну от другой, – мешает. Может, тут как с высшей математикой – понимаешь, как считать всякие матрицы и логарифмы только когда в это погружаешься.
    (где смайлик с плачущим котиком, когда он так нужен)

    • Тело – многослойная штука. Тонкое тело – изнанка скатерти, плотное тело – лицевая сторона. Представьте что скатерть соткана из двух видов ниток, с изнанки одни, с лицевой другие.
      Так вот “клетки” тонкого тела – это стихии как таковые, клетки плотного – то что проявилось на лицевой стороне, то есть на физическом уровне

      • ЭТО я понимаю прекрасно, честно. Я не понимаю внутреннюю логику каждой стихии ((((
        С другой стороны, в каждой профессии мы растем постепенно, накапливаем багаж знаний и выстраиваем свою собственную концептуальность понимания сути, и когда она выстроена, то все довольно очевидно, структурно и просто в использовании. Вероятно, здесь так же, и нельзя ожидать сразу полностью понять что-то многомерное, прочитав пару статей, даже хорошо структурированных.
        Может, тут как с искусством, лучше оставить это профессионалам. Каждому свое, и все такое.

        • Мне кажется, невозможно ответить на вопрос “а почему вот оно такое, почему оно так проявлено”. А почему яблоки вот так пахнут? А почему окна чаще такие, а не треугольные? А почему вот столько цветов?
          Тут ответ один – всё должно быть каким то, иметь какие то параметры, ибо не может не быть никаких. И тот, кто придумывал эти объекты и алгоритмы, сделал вот такие параметры. Это не почему, это просто вот так сложилось, надо было какие то выбрать и выбрали эти. Могли выбрать другие, но ни в одном варианте нет каких то особых “почему”.

  • Эту статью можно перечитывать вечно! Я каждый раз для себя, что-то новое открываю. Спасибо Вам Милен и всему коллективу проекта.

  • Хорошо, наверное, мечтается на тринадцатом этаже. А ведь есть фильм с таким названием – “Тринадцатый этаж”. Как раз про фантазии и иллюзии.

  • То есть если Марс прёт везде, но все остальное битое – взрывы от переполнения бензобака?)

  • Наладить бы прямую систему связи с грахами, чтобы не не приходилось высматривать цифры и яркие совпадения, и прочие знаки.

  • Очень классная статья!!!!
    Милен умеет разложить всё по полкам и объяснить даже
    “особо одарённым” .

  • В классической “западной” астрологии можно построить гороскоп релокации, показывающий насколько подходящим или не подходящим для димута является его место жительства. Можно ли что-то подобное сделать на основе трактовки натальной карты по бацзы – оценку текущего места жительства с точки зрения благоприятности, и варианты для переезда?
    К кому из команды Архаика можно обратиться за такой услугой?

    • Этот раздел метафизики называется Ци Мень, это не совсем Ба Цзы. Исходим из того, каких стихий не хватает и подбираем их по направлениям относительно места жительства

      • Понятно, спасибо.
        Как соотносятся анализ натальной карты по Ба Цзы и просмотр матрицы видящим димутом? В обоих случаях мы получаем представление о том, насколько “наполнены” как бы предустановленные емкости для стихий. Эти два способа виденья друг друга как-то дополняют? Если да, то что может дать просмотр матрицы, чего нельзя увидеть в натальной карте?

        • Никак не соотносится. Ба-Цзы смотрит только стихии плотного тела и его изнанки, а матрица – это центр так сказать души, тонкой личности. Это вообще разные кабинеты 🙂

          • Еще вопрос – знание о структуре или содержании матрицы своей души чем может быть полезно в жизни в плотном мире?

  • Подскажите пожалуйста, если при обращении к грахам важен эмоциональный посыл, то как эмоционально сигнализировать Гуру, например, чтобы помог восполнить нехватку Дерева? Это как будто я пытаюсь транслировать свое расстройство тем, что мне дерева не хватает? Или пытаюсь вообразить радость от того, что мне его дадут? Или как будто произношу текст “помогите пожалуйста восполнить нехватку”, но посылаю в эфир именно эмоции?

    • Вы сейчас пытаетесь впихнуть иррациональный посыл в рациональные рамки. Типа а как мне… ЧУВСТВУЙТЕ. Не надо думать, анализировать. Чувствуйте, что вы хотите, как ощущается проблема и результат. Иначе не работает.