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Today I’m going to tell you something of great, great importance. And very interesting!

A topic that, personally, steadily overturns my mind and thinking and makes me always wonder that all the genius in the world is simple. Today we’ll talk about the concept of the civil and uncivil in metaphysics and life, and also about how to cross out the lion’s share of problems (especially with the psyche) from your life with a simple move. There’s job hunting and classes and relationships and esotericism and all sorts of phenomena. Personally, I think this topic is the most underestimated and under-described in metaphysics and, in particular, in Ba-tzu and astrology. It seems to be clear to everyone and “permeates” in books and articles, but it isn’t spoken about at all. Let’s talk about it!

The universe around us is made up of 13 elements. The elements are a flow of energy of some planet, dense or subtle, they mix and build the world around us and each of us. Some elements work as bricks and atoms to build objects, others are subtle and create only vibrations that affect objects. There are 5 dense elements (Wu Xing) that you can touch with your hands, and the clever Chinese had figured out back in ancient times that this system should be divided into 2 more. In other words, what the Ba-tzu calls the 10 Gods is nothing but a division of the dense elements into civil and uncivil polarities.

To clear things up, let’s start from the very beginning.

Every phenomenon of this world has appeared for the first time at some point. At first it was an unfamiliar novelty, and then it became familiar and ordinary for people. Generally speaking, the flows of the planet Venus create “new things”, and the flows of Jupiter fix and sort of legalize them in society, laws, heads, fashion and so forth. For example, there are 7 notes (they are fixed in society, everyone knows them), but the musician creates a new song and a new style of music out of them that didn’t exist before. This is Venus (actually, music is Neptune, but for simplicity of understanding the conflict, let it be Venus). When a song becomes a hit and is “now known by all,” when it enters the commonplace, it is Jupiter. He approved the new phenomenon and fixed it as good, familiar, right, as CIVIL. But before that, the new style was behind the invisible line of the socially accepted, it was marginal. Venus gives out tons of novelty over and over again, but Jupiter sort of tells her, “I’m the one who decides what’s the norm for everyone here!”

To simplify more. Initially there is nothing, or there is a certain old pattern. Then a Venusian comes along and starts doing/saying something in a certain way. Everyone is shocked, whispering, how could it be, no one has ever done it this way, what the hell he is talking about, how dare he… But they try it and they see that this new thing is good. It is more convenient, better, more interesting, etc. And this phenomenon is deeply integrated into society at this stage of life. About ten years later a new Venusian comes along and says, “I fucked the old Venusian, I’m going to do it this way, the new way!” Everyone is in a panic, what the hell is going on, how dare he… Venus comes, passes into Jupiter. And round and round. For centuries.

All the objects of all the elements, all phenomena, our actions, tastes, and the rest of it are strictly split into two: either civilized or uncivilized. Everything comes either from Jupiter or from Venus. Everything legal, moral, common, approved and recorded in textbooks, realities, and papers constitute a civilized scope of life. Everything unapproved, new, unusual, unfamiliar, beyond borders, and immoral in society’s eyes belongs to an uncivilized part. Working in a state firm is civilized, and business and self-employment are uncivilized. Your husband belongs to civilized, and your lover belongs to uncivilized. Clean money and off-the-books salary. Legal and illegal jobs. Diploma and knowledge you acquired yourself. A familiar mix of ingredients and pizza with sweet pear and pickles. Give me any phenomenon and I will tell you which side it belongs to.

The most crucial thing is that phenomena strictly split into two equal sides of the spectrum and they NEVER blend. Absolutely never. They can switch between each other (a lover becomes a husband), but they cannot exist on two sides simultaneously. Even if suppose there was a fraud with papers and a man is married and not married to a woman at the same time, still this belongs to the uncivilized scope of the spectrum. Everything is clear and no violations in the civilized spectrum, otherwise it stops being civilized. 

If a certain phenomenon crosses this line, it passes straight into the other slice and becomes the thing it was fighting against. The conqueror of the dragon becomes the dragon himself. So the political adversary, when overthrows the president, becomes the president himself. He cannot be both the president and in opposition to himself, it’s unnatural. However, he can forfeit his post and oppose the authority. So a phenomenon can switch from the civilized to the uncivilized but never mix. Take for instance ancient Rome where jerking off in public was common, but kissing before somebody’s eyes was frowned upon. Now the tables have turned, but never disappeared, just changed their places.

You would ask how to apply it in life? Literally. When taking action, always keep in mind which planetary slice is active at the moment, and you will get rid of the most typical problems. No kidding, try thinking about life and its phenomena from this point of view and never mix them up. The trick is when crossing the line, laws, regulations, and even punishment beyond all of it, it no longer affects you, but you have to choose one.

I will spell it out for you.

In the natal chart of each man, there are 12 life spheres, and elements in these houses-palaces will always lean to a certain side, there is a balance of civilized and uncivilized. It sometimes happens there is only one spectrum present. Roughly speaking, if the civilized element dominates, your business is not gonna fly. There is too much correctness, it’s too legal, strict, and not enough imagination, or readiness for risk. On the other hand, you will be successful in service, and your skills will be appreciated. And vice versa. A person, who is fully open-minded and free, thinks out of the box and has extraordinary and even criminal ideas (his slice of finances a-priori makes for an outcast) cannot waste his time in a joint and he will not take root in a civilized environment. Rather he can create cool business models, outsmart his rivals and do unconventional stuff in his self-employment. It can be equally split, and some parts could be in one spectrum and others in the other, but one will always prevail.

The uncivilized type will not be able to build a long-lasting and loyal relationship as everyone has. He would fast get bored and would strive for heroic acts. The civilized type will whine about every new thing, why everything is different from others, what people would say, and when kids are coming according to protocol. One needs a diploma and a well-defined study with textbooks and syllabus, and another one rushes straight into the language environment with a bag pack. I will figure it out on the spot! – Venus laughs inside him.

We cannot say one is good and the other one is bad. Each side of the spectrum has its pros and cons. Take for example a man having an illegal income, he probably has much more money than a man with legal earnings. However, in case of trouble, the first one cannot rely upon to have any assurances or his interests protected from the side of the law. You cannot take a person to court, the one who stole money after you did it first. But if he were a civilized type, he wouldn’t have had that kind of money at all. The uncivilized spectrum is always rich and free, but unstable, uncertain about the future and living like on waves, sometimes even hungry. The legal side is boring, poor, and stale, instead, it’s relatively secure and familiar and everything makes sense and is clear-cut, upheavals are pretty rare.

As you may have guessed this side of the spectrum touches a nerve of the society, its traditions and old school values, and the rest. As an absolute outcast, I am convinced the slice of Jupiter passes through the buttocks precisely. Because it’s the legacy lovers’ buttocks that catch fire and start reeking of smoke when stumbling upon Venus and its kiddos. Most normal people are strongly and rigidly inserted into Jupiter’s civilized world with their lives where each line is thoroughly scheduled. They know for sure what’s bad and what’s good, how it’s done, who to love and to hate etc. And Jupiter’s mentees cannot bear the thought of someone not giving a shit about their rules and doctrines, that you can have a drastically other lifestyle and there are always more than two options.

I also believe that 80 percent of all issues people and non-people have in life happen because they confuse the two slices and try to have the cake and eat it too or they attempt to drag one into the other. One slice will always contradict the other, but we often obsessively persist in looking at one from the other point of view, judge the one by another one’s standards or we simply dart around clueless about where we are.

This strongly relates to eksotericism, esotericism, astrology, and stuff. It’s a hot-button issue there. Because the subtle world is a priori for outcasts and uncivilized for the dense world, they are literally opposing each other. Vice versa with the subtle world which views the dense realities as the uncivilized side of the spectrum. And the major bulk of esoteric nutjobs has gone crazy because they attempted to judge one from the other side. To write something into one cell with something else that cannot be compatible by default. In simpler terms, you EITHER see and experience the world through a subtle one, OR your mind and realities exist in a dense one.They cannot be in superposition, and neither can you, your consciousness will split in two. In other words, you either accept the subtle – its laws, history, perception, and so on – and pass into living in eternal Venus. Or don’t play games and live on Jupiter’s side. Get married, raise children, go to work from 9 to 18, and live like everyone else. There is and will be nothing else in your slice. Leave everything else for the psychiatrist session.

But people keep on trying! They try fitting esotericism into some science, to look at a subtle object with dense eyes, to explain an uncivilized phenomenon with terms from a civilized science, and, of course, to try to adjust the a priori abnormal to the norms. And trying to adjust your subtle worldview of an outcast to the dense standard is like telling everyone about green little men, but in your story, dressing them all nicely and making them polite. Well, so that people think that they are decent guys and all that. You are thinking either about green little men or about manners and costumes, there is only one thing.

Accordingly, there is nothing more humiliating and ridiculous than some diplomas in esotericism and astrology, as well as the sources in them. A pathetic attempt by an uncivilized outcast to fit into the civilized shell and pass themselves off as one who belongs! Providing physical diplomas and human sources for an esoteric individual is like giving a registration certificate to your imaginary friend. It even sounds somewhat absurd. Because our brain instinctively resists the mixing of Jupiter and Venus, and that is exactly what is happening here: we are mixing water and oil. And we are really hoping to get a smooth substance. A source is a line from a civilized reality slice. Someone wrote it at some point, Jupiter approved it, and now it’s recorded. It is old, Jupiter is devoid of novelty. Therefore, if you are doing something fundamentally new and bringing the subtle into the dense, there is no question of sources.

Here as well – all questions from practitioners and victims like “Is what I see just my imagination or is it real? How can I verify?” And, of course, our beloved question “Who am I?” Counter question: where are you right now? If you exist solely within a dense physical body, then anything outside of that and other physical objects is either imagination or delusion. There simply is no third option there, as there are only two slices. Neither three nor five. If you have entered into a realm of outcasts (and witches, incarnations, and other psychos are always a priori outsiders and uncivilized, no exceptions), then your question drops away. Problems begin when a dense and materialistic person starts evaluating the subtle from this position. Many of ours have been wiped out in those swamps… The subtle must think in the same way, and there, if there is delusion, it has nothing to do with the brain.

And if you are working on your personality and exiting the dense Samsara, then you automatically agree on your status to be uncivilized. That’s it; you are now outside their spectrum. Yes, it is still necessary to abide by the criminal code and nominally behave within society’s limits, but if you have crossed the line and live as a subtle personality, dense and civilized dogmas, and norms are no longer for you. They literally stop working for you. It’s an amazing feeling when you look at the world from the other, diagonal side. Yes, it considerably “turns you off” from the world and the attention span of others, but is compensated by other things.

So, I give you a priceless piece of advice on how to avoid almost all problems with your head: ask yourself not only who you are, but also where you are. What spectrum you are in right now, and in what spectrum the phenomenon that is bugging you. Don’t mix things up and don’t go around telling the civilized ones about your insights, they will take you for mad. And don’t try to pull non-civilized people into your world by proving to them that they are delusional and that they should live like everyone else and believe in the same stuff. It is impossible to argue anything if your opponent listens to you from behind the line. Don’t waste your energy, live in your own slice, and focus on your own affairs. If you find yourself among representatives of the other half, just be polite and keep up appearances, not to offend anyone and not to create problems for yourself. In difficult cases, mimic and adapt, but always remember who you really are and where you are. Your task is not to prove anything to anyone and drag everyone into your sandbox, there will always be two.

So, if while walking in the forest, you saw some kind of boogie thing, all you need to do is nothing. Carefully move the bushes back and, without making too much noise, keep on walking. This is an uncivilized and foreign phenomenon. No need to run to the civilized into their world and shout about what happened, warn them about something, and so on. They won’t accept it, and at best, you’ll become a local half-wit. If it comes to worst, you’ll end up in a loony bin. Gods forbid you to mention diplomas and references to esoteric things. For us, outcasts, you will be a local half-wit a priori, even if you have not seen the boogie thing.

(c) Mylene Maelinhon & Aal Masaef\ Archaic Heart project material

Translated by Alven Ravenhar

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  • Спасибо за статью!

    У меня возник вопрос по метафорическим ассоциативным картам. С одной стороны, обычно там абстрактные изображения, не дающие однозначной интерпретации. С другой – это всё же ассоциация, мозг подтягивает что-то уже известное к изображению. Получается, что это Юпитер? 

    Методика применяется как способ самоанализа, проработки блоков, установок. Если исходить из того, что она относится к цивильной части, следует ли, что проработать качественно заявленные вопросы не выйдет? 

    • Да уж… статья о больном и в точку! Всё таки в тонком плане кому то не выгодно, чтобы люди знали правду , её видят единицы и их уничтожают ,у меня один вопрос, возможны изменения, сколько ложь будет жить ещё?

      • К вам вопрос. Вы часть ментала, вы его составляете и влияете на него, каждый влияет так или иначе.
        Поэтому это не “когда”, это пока людям такое будет ощущаться нормально и они не захотят что то менять. Хотите что то поменять – начинайте прямо сейчас.

  • Т.е. можно, исходя из этого, не ждать от практика отчёта или хотя бы какого-то ответа о проделанной, оплаченной работе, потому что он/она в другой системе…?

  • По натальній карті виходить, що я на межі. Й в житті теж на межі.
    Повинен брати нове в інших людей й перетворювати на норму.
    А ви пишете, що не може бути межі, бо конфлікт.

  • Замечательная статья, тема редкая и необычная. Действительно, гораздо проще жить, если нашел баланс сфер и своего поведения в них.

  • Очень удивительно читать подобную информацию о Юпитере. Обычно его рассматривают с идеализированно-ванильной стороны, не говоря о таком его влиянии.

  • Многое в собственной жизни становится более понятным.
    Вопрос: как узнать, какая планета влияет на меня больше? Я кто и где мне быть по влиянию этих самых планет? У меня ощущение, что между… И от этого всё мои стенания)))

    • А зачем вам это знать? Вам нужно найти БАЛАНС между двумя, а не выбрать одну. Выбирать придется постоянно, балансируя в разных сферах по разному: на работе вы строгий, законопослушный начальник, а дома – развязный художник-хиппи, который рисует экспериментальные картины чаем.
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