Paganism: where the heck is everybody? (Maelinhon)

Here is a minor FAQ on the subject of neopaganism, the Slavic pantheon, and other pagan beliefs popular in the territories of the former Soviet Union and more. How it all works, where all the gods and goddesses disappeared, and most importantly, why it stopped being effective. 

More and more people are growing out of monotheistic control and choose other religions and beliefs in our educated time. It makes absolute sense, but one problem persists. Lack of clear alternatives leads to people looking into their closets and dusty chests, taking worn out and entangled in web Slavic pantheon dummies, then trying to revive those. Somebody even bothers to answer the prayers of these morons, and they even receive some help. However, there is a fascinating story behind it, the story which prince Enarei once revealed to me seven years ago. I am eager to share this story with you: who answers instead of the Slavic gods and how it all came to that. 

Imagine you want to reanimate the knowledge in the domain of Botany, for instance. You are convinced 900 years ago your noble ancestors described all of it, but most of the information was lost. Your actions? The logical approach would be to sprinkle yourself with an anti-mites spray, take a camera and a notebook and venture into the forest; start exploring, taking photos, making notes, and laying the groundwork, shortly speaking. If the old information was lost, it would make sense to acquire a new one, after all, the source remained, which someone explored for the first time. Especially since knowledge becomes outdated rapidly and new things are always better and more relevant. 

But this is if logically approached. And most people struggle with logic. 

What steps do they actually take? Botanic scientists are crawling with a flashlight in a closet because there used to be a field-related book in there. They are searching for information snippets on the scraps of paper, examining archeological shards in case a picture of a flower is left. This will surely help to study the forest right outside their doorstep. Other stuff is lying around on the floor of the closet, so along with the poor quality pictures of a flower the reconstruction mission includes newspaper scrapes from Pravda, edited in June 1974, rat droppings, and other essential components of Botany. By the way, it’s worth mentioning that starting from the 900s AD (not to mention BC) the forest changed big shit. They planted a bunch of new types of species, laid the pathways, built a campsite, and farmers in the northern part grow blackberries for sale. And Botany itself has made tangible progress since then. The scraps of information that were dated 900s could not possibly contain all of this, but we don’t faint, cause our ancestors knew better!

Shifting this nonsense to the level of religion and pantheons, I would say the following.  When Christianity began establishing its dictatorship in Europe and in its neighboring territories, this organization attempted to overpower all the other pantheons.  Raider attacks happened, taking over names, holidays, established channels with people, and the rest of it. And it would do the trick but for a curious fact: in the forest lived a criminal gang, much stronger and older than the Christianity itself.  Specifically dalram and imps.  Their authority and power (unlike Christianity’s) are based not on their seriously looking mugs, but rather on the fact, that the Middle Land initially belonged to them, all the lands, forests, fields, rivers, oceans, and mountains. All of it. They have been providing for and cleaning of the territory for ages, this is what they are clipping the coupons for. Nature itself prospers thanks to dalram and billions of entities, who sustain their chunks of the dense physical world. 

Thus a young raider faced an issue: the former inhabitants were successfully driven from the informational and energetic fields, but the senior watchdog with a gun was tough to handle. The whole structure relies on him and he instilled fear even in the director. They couldn’t get rid of dalram because Christianity is incapable of high-level work with the forces of nature.  They wanted to clip coupons using people, but somebody had to actually do favors for those people who ask.  Simply speaking even after the takeover and establishing religious superiority they still relied on somebody to clean up the mess and support nature as well as fulfilling the idle wishes of people that came into the temples.  Christianity cannot and doesn’t like to carry out somebody’s wishes, short-handed. 

That time big monotheistic cheese backed down and made a deal, the only deal this structure was forced to make. Dalram would expand their work frame to churches and tinsels with saints’ prayers and icons, getting a 20-30 % energetic reward people generate. In other words, all church-related work with Christianity, Muslims, and Judaism is filtered exclusively through imps.  They have always held the monopoly in this life party and they still do. 

They are more comfortable helping people than these structures, but they were cornered to work through other forces and under a stranger’s brand.  Dalram princes and Christianity were reluctant to make war, so they agreed on such a pact.  The pact backfired both on people and on dalram.

So when grannies address saint Pigidiy in the church, they in fact talk to dalram, and ironically so they do receive help.  That is a granny came to send prayers to the saint Pigidiy, asking to relieve pain in her leg, the prayer is transferred to the Christianity through the dalram. Then an imp Vasia shows up with a ciggie in his mouth holding a wrench and fixes the leg.  The leg is cured, the granny is pleased, Vasia cashed the energy, and the Christian structure rips off granny thrice to pay off Vasia’s royalty.  A curious scene we observe, don’t we? There is no such character as Pigidiy, he’s nothing but an illusion including his help to the thousands of grannies and grandpas who got their legs healed, and were protected from the devil and such.  Yet Christianity obtains a fascinating promotion campaign on how dashingly and cool it rescues people.  Yes and yet no. When seeking help there, people get a loaf of bread for 1000$ and then make an argument about it, saying they received bread anyway.  Yes, but others also got the bread, however for 1$ or even for free. 

So, Masha, let’s get straight to the point. (c) Addressing Strybog, Mokosh, Zeus, and others, you are making the same mistake because the reference system and contacts were sold and fully redirected when Queen Anne was alive.

The fact is that the pagan gods even before Christianity spread didn’t rely on people much. The people were the ones in need, and the gods were doing a big favor, helping them.  When the raider showed up and started threatening them, 99 percent of these guys sighed: “Be our guests”.   No one wanted to walk smack into dangerous beef for people’s sake and they left their channels.  You can compare it to an old abandoned toilet in your backyard you haven’t been to for 20 years.  Thugs show up and demand: “hand over your toilet to us, otherwise, you are dead”. 

Your reply of course: “wow, take away this junk and keep the brush”, because you don’t need any trouble and the toilet you no longer use.  But now these thugs use your toilet to sell cryptocurrency under your name. 

All the channels Christianity once snatched, were automatically passed to dalram.  

When I say channels I mean the names of the gods and established connections with them.  The deity’s name works like a QR code for access, which is why the deity has dozens of names based on the access level.   Through offerings, prayers, and other rituals a deity came into contact by that name, did something itself, or with the help of dalram.  To cut it short, the name is the brand, which was bought.  When I say Veles is dead it means he stopped answering under this name instead of the actually dying.  He has multiple names and he passed them on to other structures so that they would reply for him.  If you called Veles by another name, the one which wasn’t mentioned in ancient books, it would be possible to hear from him. But you keep dialing an old number with thugs on the other end of the wire.

When Christianity with its deals and smaller satellites started going down in 2012, younger dalram cunning as they are never stopped answering the calls. 

For Pigidiy or Strybog or the devil himself.  Vasia got pretty frazzled to answer for Pigidiy and Aphrodite, but hunger keeps it rolling.  Technically it’s illegal, however, no new agreements have been put in motion, so nobody knows what to do.

Once again I repeat, doesn’t matter who you pray or offer gifts to in the territory of the former Soviet Union, Europe, the USA, and many other countries, your call passes through a switcher.  And it depends solely on the switcher owner, who will answer your call, cause the owner bought and lured 9 out of 10 numbers in the address book.  A similar picture you can see when addressing Indian pantheons, however, it’s a rare occurrence.  The northern pantheon info is classified, due to the fact it’s a goldmine now, but a sneaking suspicion tells me the same.  Asian pantheons work independently, without any third parties, the same picture the Tengry cult has.  Vodoo and pantheons from Latin America work tightly through Christianity, as well as many African religious cults. 

And finally. 

The dalram are perfectly aware of its problematic and illegal nature and consider it quite an issue. They are trying to solve it.  But demands are coming in huge batches, and they cannot fight it in a few years, because the problem had been building up for 2000 years.  Do dalram really help people? They surely do. Why refuse it, if they get energy in return? However, this help has nothing to do with Veles, Aphrodite and moreover saint Pigidiy, and new names and data these pantheons didn’t provide. 

I am trying to say the following. Venture out into the forest, don’t disgrace your ancestors, and keep your dignity as well. 

Information becomes obsolete very fast and to keep in adequate contact with the world you need to open your eyes and look it in the face, as your ancestors did.  And stop reposting another sick chewed-and-spit-out info similar to the bird’s wings symbolizing Lelia’s presence and Thor seen in the bear’s ears.  It no longer works, guys. You can directly address dalram and save on the royalty for the brand or you can build new connections with the gods under their new names.  Two options are available, and in each of them, you will get help.

(c) Mylene Maelinhon \ Archaic Heart. Information kindly provided by prince Enarei.

Translated by Alven Ravenhar

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  • В академической среде при написании каких-либо работ, даже несчастных курсовых, требуется, чтобы основная масса источников была написана и опубликована не более 10 лет назад, иначе они считаются не актуальными. Всвязи с этим завывания о знаниях и мудрости предков выглядят в 15 раз абсурднее и глупее.

    • Так именно. Всего каких-то 90 лет назад люди пытались лечиться радиацией, добавляли радиоактивные компоненты в косметику, кремы, зубные пасты, краски. Потом обнаружили, какой ужас с этого происходит и делать так прекратили. Но формально – это старая информация от наших предков. Почему же мы больше не делаем зубные пасты с радием? 🙂 Видимо, что-то случилось (с). Появились новые данные, информация обновилась, стали делать умнее и по новому.
      Во всех сферах так, а в религии и практиках до сих пор “чем старше тем лучше”. Почему – непонятно.

    • Ну не знаю, раньше обращалась к ХЭ, и действительно чувствовала, что с меня дерут три шкуры, потом раскрестилась , сейчас обращаюсь в основном к Одину, жизнь изменилась в лучшую сторону, чувствую что отвечает и никакой переплаты не замечаю.

  • Очень нужная статья, ясно объяснено всё, мне лично очень пригодится, чтобы обращаться за помощью без посредников.
    Спасибо Милен и князю Енарею за прекрасное разъяснение🌹

  • Благодарю за статью и подробный разбор,Милен.Ээх,знать бы это лет 20 назад

  • Восхитительно, просто и понятно (как и всегда). Больше и добавить нечего…
    Спасибо, Милен.

  • Благодарю за статью!А я то думаю что то не сходиться у меня с Богами.Теперь мне все понятно!

  • Благодарю за статью, как всегда, очень интересно и поучительно.
    Жаль что боги индейцев тоже в этой системе ..
    А как насчёт ведических богов и богинь? Думала что Индия ещё держится, несмотря ни на что….🤔

  • Честно говоря, тяжело всё это читать. Чувствуешь себя обманутым, когда понимаешь, что на твои обращение мог отвечать кто-то другой.

  • Сложность в том, что множество людей “плоховидящие”, вот для этого и необходима адекватная информация от ясно – прекрасно видящих. Архаику спасибо. Ведь в массе мутной инфо на тему экзо/эзотерики запросто утонуть можно либо свихнуться, либо плюнуть и забыть

  • После этой статьи жизнь кажется проще. Те, к кому люди обращаются за помощью, оказались гораздо ближе. И до сих пор смешит этот театр с выдаванием дальрам себя за кого угодно. Может это вредно и обидно для обращающихся, но все равно комично

  • Помню, когда читала в школе про крещение Руси, задумалась. Вот есть Бог. А куда делись все остальные? Перун, Стрибог, Анубис, Зевс… Может, они жили раньше, но умерли?… Ну не укладывалось в голове, что люди тысячелетиями верили в “неправильных” богов. Может, случилось чего?

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    Скажите ещё, что это ваши Дальрамы и стихия воды, и стихия огня, и стихия воздуха, и стихия земли. Прямо щас! Фик угадали!

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