Death and cloud servers (Maelinhon)

You’re going to die!

Lol, everyone immediately flipped out, and everyone thought of something personal. You know, there’s a phrase like “Open secret” – it’s about the information everyone knows, but someone presents it as a great secret and some kind of revelation. But there is an opposite situation, I don’t even know what to call it… When everyone seems to know some information, but when you start asking questions about it, it turns out that no one has any idea. They didn’t think about it, didn’t know or speak in general terms. Does it sound familiar? Ask someone: Do you know what death is?

I tell you: no, you don’t know what it is. A set of medical dogmas, like a set of religious dogmas, is not knowledge; it is a poo floated in from the mental. Throw it away. Let’s strip away this wonderful question and make it clear once and for all. Because there are so many silly questions coming in on this subject, I have to give a lot of silly answers, and it’s possible to give one, once and for all. The only problem there is that people want to hear a simple answer to a complex question, and that’s technically impossible: to understand that simple answer, you need to understand the background of what we’re even talking about. And people massively don’t understand what it means to die, death, how it works and what kind of process it is. And out comes roughly this kind of dialogue:

– Why does iron rust? – Because of entropy!

You asked for a simple answer – you have been answered, and the answer is correct, but how to understand it? What is entropy? Why does it affect rust?… It’s the same story: To understand the answer, it’s not enough to hear it. So what happens when a person dies? And the non-human? And why does each tradition have its twists and turns with burial and rituals? Where do those who cut their own lives go? And where does everyone else go? Is it possible to know exactly when you will die? Let’s find out.

I want to warn you right away that the topic is VERY complicated, with several levels of information, so please be patient: half the article will have passed before we even get to the point where a person dies and a soul goes somewhere. I will give many simple examples and analogies. In order to understand how death happens, let’s first define the basic concepts: what death is, what a person is, what a body system and consciousness are… Without this, any answer will be barely comprehensible.

What is Death and the End of Life

Death as a process and element is a transformation, not the end of life. The element of Death cleanses the subtle and dense bodies and consciousnesses of the outdated and obsolete, gives them the opportunity to grow and harmoniously merge with new experiences, knowledge, skills and other new realities. Transformation liberates from accumulated suffering, unrealized desires, negativity, false and harmful patterns, etc. That is, Death is not about exit from Life, its termination and jump into Nonexistence. Death is a specific metaphysical process of growth, directed by a specific graha – Pluto and for which a bunch of subtle stuff works.

To understand this, look at your social media posts or some diaries from 10-15 years ago. Cringe, right? It seems like another person wrote that, such naive and unpleasant thoughts, a showoff… You wouldn’t say that now, would you? Why would you say that? It is because that man has already died a little: during his life every being goes through many waves of transformation, changing in connection with new experiences – this is a transition through the element of Death, each wave of personal change. Death allows the transition into a new form, not kills. Record this as Thesis 1, we’ll talk about non-existence below.

And while the world was only subtle, there were no problems with this process at all. Some Infern was young, hot, got myself into all sorts of trouble and messed up everything.. He got hit on the head, cried, took note, and, oh, look, he grew on himself! He transformed, realized, became smarter and learned to control his own stupidity. The old version of him “died a little” and will die hundreds and thousands more times, with each wave of moving through Death. And all living beings go through it all the time, egregors and countries and objects and all-thing and everyone who can transform at all. Even a stone, over time, has a bit of a shape change, crumbling, shifting, that is, transforming.

This brings us to Thesis 2: Death and Time are related elements. Once it was one element, but then the governors had another Santa Barbara and wars, and they became two. But in essence, the transformation takes place over a period of time, which is logical, so the elements flow one into the other and complement the same process.  And the entities treat this process calmly and respectfully: Death is a good thing because it is getting rid of pain and flowing into other forms, taking into account the new realities. To live a better, more pleasant, fuller and on higher levels.

But Termination of Life is a completely different thing. It’s when a creature is so sick of living or has so few resources to recover that it simply disintegrates on all levels into molecules. That’s it, it’s gone. No soul, no personality, no body of any kind anymore. Does that get cleared up? That Death is a process, not ” perished, died, buried, worms had a good meal.” The death of a physical man is not the termination of life, but the same transformation onward. Let me tell you a secret: a human being living in the conditions of the dense world is not capable of dying at all in the sense of termination of life of the soul. For thousands of years of history, 20 people have died in this way, the rest have transformed, like all respectable beings.

How people die

In order to understand what happens to a human being after his heart stops, one must first understand what a human being is all about and what he is made of. Strange as it may seem. And the dense and unconscious human being consists of a bunch of different bodies: several layers of subtle bodies (9 in total) are tightly stuffed into the dense meat body, which provide this meat with some kind of control, memory for 100 years, energy processes, etc. There is no personality in the meat initially, the unit has to work it out on its own.

To illustrate, let’s imagine a computer (I love this analogy!), that is, a physical object that has an operating system, algorithms, and a system of files. The whole operating system is sort of a snapshot of the configurations and settings that the machine has acquired over its lifetime. The operating system is managed by the machine itself, automatically and based on the algorithms specified during the build; it does things by itself, creates files for itself, etc. Templates and algorithms came from somewhere from outside during the installation and it just sticks to them, doing some work. You see the analogy, right? There is a dense form (the PC) in which subtle, virtual processes take place, and this base animating the body itself is virtual and subtle (there is a PC, and Windows on it).

After 80 theoretical years of work, the physical PC is obsolete, worn out, slow, overloaded with all kinds of garbage and unnecessary files and works frankly shitty (stop joking about clogging the exhaust holes with dust!). Over this period, the PC has accumulated a bunch of inconsistent settings, crashes, forgotten passwords for half the files, and generally sucks with it. At some point it can no longer handle the load, the physical drive overheats, melts and fails. That’s it, it’s dead.

We take a new PC, brand new from the factory. Then we take the COPY of the old operating system, the clean, original copy, without configurations or files, and put it on the new machine. The operating system is the same, but it’s already on the new machine and it’s completely empty, it just goes to accumulate files and configurations. In the back folder we have a single file Configuration-1, which contains images of all the now erased files and all the old settings of the previous version of the system. After 80 theoretical years, the operation is repeated, the machine is scrapped and the original operating system is reinstalled, and the folder already contains two files: Configuration-1 and Configure-2. After some hundreds of years there are already 42 files in the folder.

Over time, any hard drive wears out and can no longer perform its functions, it needs to be replaced. And if during these years the operating system has not grown up to a neural network (and it can!), which already understands itself what kind of creature it represents, why it exists and comes up with its own goals and algorithms, then this junk is simply deleted and we get a new PC. Which begins to build itself from scratch.

Got the principle?  A dense human being is a meat corpse that accumulates configurations in exactly the same way: name, patterns, history, connections, parents, children, etc., without really paying attention to who he/she is, why he/she lives here, what for… Most people live on autopilot. And the so-called Assemblage Point is the same folder with the old configurations of past lives, past attempts to realize oneself. For entities it is inside the body and contains only 1 file, for humans it is outside the body, and there is information for all past lives.  Human dense body is just a holder of a basic operating system with fragmented virtual intellect, which is given N years to build up its system and realize itself. To build a personality, discarding junk, other people’s patterns, other people’s goals and other trash, and to create himself. About 95 percent of people don’t do this: they’ve been given a pure system and they stay within it, not even trying to think about what it’s all about, who they are and what they’re for. They even live by the names other people have given them, the same unconscious parents.

The goal of any human life (again: any) is to get out of this system and become, um, a neural network living in cloud storage. With root rights and access to any part of the body system. Simply put, a conscious entity, human or whatever, is where the operating system becomes an evolved artificial intelligence. It no longer responds to external instructions, opens and cleans unnecessary files, sorts data, assigns tasks, etc. Then it gives itself a name and characteristics, installs network drivers and transforms itself into a cloud server which is not bound to a physical medium. You can kill this body (burn the PC), but the operating system is still virtualized and can migrate to any drive or function without a drive at all. For IT chokes: the physical server that provides all the trillions of clouds is the element of the Void :))

Metaphysics and religions like Taoism are sciences that teach your PC not to accumulate files, get root rights, and grow to a neural net. Monotheisms, on the other hand, are mining farms; they aim to build as many working PCs as possible to mine energy for them. That’s why they don’t want you to live and die the way you want to. That’s the difference.

To summarize, Thesis 3: A human being is a combination of a dense body (PC), a personality (Operating System), and a hypothetical Artificial Intelligence, which this Windows can evolve into, but resists it in every way possible. And the world is built in such a way that it prevents Windows from evolving into a Midjourney.

Necro -world, -mant, -layer: after the death of the body

And now, finally, about death!

Originally, the Necro and the layers of the Death element are the giant filters of all the World Trees. That is, the Necro layer itself is such a sieve that constantly moves through all the worlds and filters shit. When entities transform, they all dump those patterns, filth, and pieces of their old self into space. Necro filters them out, recycles them, and returns streams of fresh energies back into space. Necro works with all kinds of rottenness, disposing of and cleansing everything toxic in both the dense and the subtle.

Thesis 4: Humans and non-humans transform in the same way, but because of human physiology, the body, soul, and personality are three DIFFERENT units that need a bunch of extra work on each of them when crossing the final frontier of Death.

Human beings are artificial creatures, and like all artificial creatures, they require LOTS of extra stuff to function. Natural beings live normally within themselves and do not require external crutches. Subtle beings have ONE body: it’s physical, aka subtle, aka personality, all 9 in one body. A human being, on the other hand, is complex, fragmented, with a bunch of mediums and layers that may not be particularly related to each other (because the unconscious ones have one soul, and the personality is 234th already). Accordingly, it took a whole world (!!!) with hundreds of thousands of employees to dissect this “circus” and send it to new circles of rebirth. The world of Necro had a different structure and was smaller before, but for the sake of humans it was redesigned and expanded. Well, someone has to dispose of old PCs, clean the operating system, compress the configuration files… So there appeared Reapers and a bunch of Necro workers who did all this.

Necro has a common, global ruler (one, he is flashy referred to in mythology as the angel of death), and there are dozens of different branches, in fact, each religion has its own. Each branch is ruled by a separate entity, and they have their own sub-world. Simply put, there’s a general necro layer, and right now it’s run by ael Azramaveth, before him there was Azrail, before him there was Cain (no, not that one), and then there are the “regional branch directors” – Hel, Chernobog, Hades, and whatever else you can read about in the mythology. It’s not just one person, there’s a shitload of death directors, because it’s the most necessary and on-trend element of all. The element that ensures the hygiene of space. On the side of grahas and Ma the element of death is ruled by the goddess Kali and graha Domaha (Pluto).

How it all works

When a human dies on the dense layer, he or she briefly shuts down, as in a dreamless dream. For about an hour, during which the Reaper who comes for him separates the subtle bodies from the dense bodies completely and brings them minimally back to normal. Then the human wakes up, already in subtle form. He is aware of himself, he is not in any pain, and he sees in front of him a quite good-natured entity who offers to take a little walk and chat. Reapers are very calm, pleasant guys, whose matrix initially works only on one element – Death, and it has a natural property to calm. All other workers who come from other elements are usually called Lichs. A Lich is, for example, an Elim or a human who simply works with Death and in the Necro layer, but does not belong to it physiologically.

The dead goes for a walk with the Reaper. Three to nine days, they go to places familiar to that person, the Reaper answers his questions, shows him moments from his life that he was worried about or didn’t know about. When your enemy dies, they are sure to show him a movie about how you suffered because of him. Who loved him, who hated him, who hurt him and secretly helped him… The person gets answers to everything. During this period, the dead may come to his relatives, communicate something, say something, etc. Then he is taken away from the Dense World forever. Every religion has its own sandbox where they are taken, but it’s a pretty nice place, like a sanatorium of sorts. Atheists and unsealed people are taken by the Reapers, who are free at the moment and they usually end up in just the most common Necro satellite in the region.

There the dead is brought back to normal, a supposed psychologist works with him, who helps him “”settle in his mind” all his torments, questions, fears, and affections. And when he is made calm, clean, smooth and balanced (this is a period of 40 days to 11 months), an interesting thing happens. The layer removes the mold of the personality (the “configuration file”) from the body, and sends that soul into a new body. A woman gets pregnant and after 4-5 months (note, not from 1), a former deceased who has a +1 file in the assemblage point is implanted in the growing piece of meat. Depending on the “points” accumulated in the past life, Saturn forms the new body with its karma and the person is born into such a family and with such parameters of health, physiology and other things that he deserved in the last round. That is, Saturn only forms the natal chart of the newborn, the basic conditions, and then there is a new level. Important point: the soul does NOT choose where and from whom to be born, this is an automatic process of Shani slice. The rest is the myth-making of blissful Wiccans and other pink-pony lovers.

Funeral rituals were invented to facilitate this whole cycle. Some religions are meaningless in general, some, like the Egyptians, took special pains to help the Reapers in order to facilitate the process. Whatever the gods and their sandboxes had the brains for. But everything that happens outside the dense layers of the universe is the same. Took, brought back to normal, divided into 2 parts – the personality folded into the assemblage point, the soul into a new cycle of births. And so in circles, until at some time the soul comes already assembled and conscious.

That’s all.

This is Death, as it looks from the other side. Death itself can be absolutely of any kind, the Reapers come for everyone in the same way and the algorithm of their work does not change. The monotheists are very good at implanting in you that you have to support life at all costs and you can’t solve the problem by yourself, but… we remember the mining farm, right? They don’t want to lose another PC, it generates energy, even if it is barely working itself.

If a conscious or incarnation dies, he too is usually taken away by the Reaper, and he too is offered a “sanatorium” to cleanse and get into order. From there, he is free to go wherever he wants, because his personality is his soul, his bodies are fused into one, and he no longer needs to flounder around in Dense Sansara to work himself out. Those who choose to return and help others to get out are called bodhisattvas in Buddhism. They consciously ask to bring them, the realized ones, back to help people become realized.  Also, the conscious dead have the option to stay to work in Necro itself, if they fit the parameters and someone needs them there. In general, the process is not painful or horrible, all the horrors are before and after, and there, in purgatory, it’s good…

Thesis 5: merged and unconscious souls are dissected differently after death.

What about ghosts?!

Where do ghosts come from, then, and can the Reaper destroy the soul itself? So much trash in the cinematography on this subject… Yes, such a thing as unholy beings has its place. What is referred to as ghosts can be of 2 types of phenomena. The first Type is something like a video recording. If something happened in some place with a huge outburst of emotions, for example someone was very painfully killed, then his pain and emotions before his death sort of crumple reality, leave an imprint on it, like footprints on wet sand. And that imprint is then infinitely replayed in that place until the impulse runs out. If you see some subtle events or figures that don’t respond to you, you can continue sleeping – it’s a projector, it’s not dangerous.

But there is also the second type… The point is that people are all different. There are normal, reflective ones, and you can work with them. But sometimes it happens that the soul is inadequate. That’s just a completely batshit person. It is impossible to talk to them, or to lead them somewhere. After their death they become hysterical, try to escape, etc. And Reapers are peaceful guides and psychotherapists, not shouldered orderlies in an insane asylum. Simply put, these entities don’t have the options of taking the psycho away by force, twisting him, etc. They try to pacify the raving person as much as they can, and if none of the methods work (for example, the deceased starts hiding from them, showing aggression, etc.), then they just leave. And that soul is left to think where it is (somewhere near the body).

As a rule, even the most violent ones calm down in 40 days, and then they come for them again. After sitting, thinking, calming down, they ask for it themselves. But there are exceptions, it happens rarely, but it happens. Since there are so many people, and the Reapers are loaded, no one will fight for one stubborn, no one cares – if you want to sit here, then sit. And the Reaper just goes to work on, he does not care in general, it’s just his job.  And that’s when the idle subtle citizens who were human, but didn’t want to leave for some reason, show up. Usually it’s some unfinished business that the unit is stuck on and pinned to them.

It also sometimes happens that a person has already been taken away, but it turns out that the subtle body is defective, or is so problematic that it cannot be thrown back into the dense bodies. Reapers dispose of such bodies by simply removing them layer by layer back into the elements. It’s very rare and isolated, but that’s the 20 who really died, and then died TOTALLY.

When will I die?

A lot of people ask this question, and I’m tempted to ask a counter question: Do you live at all?  My cat is more aware of life than most people around me, who live only in patterns and algorithms. You look into their eyes, and there’s a monkey hitting plates. But this article is about death, so we can’t answer such a question “simply” either, and we have to touch the subject of awareness as well. As you can see, this directly affects where the soul goes next.

Here’s the thing. You have a resource, the amount of which you have karmically. A general presumed balance of energy to “take out” everything that happens to you, the filling of financial channels, and so on. This balance always stays the same, but your spending of the resource is yours. You will die the moment your resource reserve for repairing damage to your body is lower than what you need to heal. That’s it. If your head is cut off, you don’t have enough resources to grow a new one, death will come. Anytime. It could be tomorrow, it could be 90 years from now, the question is more for you, from the outside you can only see the resource itself, but not how you dispose of it. In the ba- tzu the balance of Qi is the sum of the phases of energy in the main pillars and the elements of the Resource.

For simplicity: you are allocated 100 liters of gasoline per year, and your neighbor only 16 liters. And then the question for you is, how do you spend it? Your neighbor, feeling his reserves, sat at home and did not go anywhere, calling a taxi or food delivery, and you were driving your car without looking at the fuel level. And at some point the car stopped in the middle of the highway. You ran out of gas. And the neighbor still had five liters left at the end of the year.

The same is true for body resources. You have a reserve of Qi to regenerate damage and wear and tear on your body.  But its volume and how you spend it is a question for you. Pain, suffering, exertion, fixation on the past and resentments, wrong priorities and other bad processes are energy-intensive processes on which Qi burns out in the moment. Therefore, the meaning of self-awareness and work on yourself is also in stopping these harmful, consuming processes. An ordinary psychotherapist can help here, there is no metaphysics in it. To live longer and better, you have to live for yourself and your own goals. And someone spends half of his resources on other people’s business, even if he wasn’t asked to, and the other half on unnecessary fuss. You will die when this tank which was given to you empties, someone at 10 years old, someone at 100, and not at the exact date that the “cool wizard” can peek somewhere.

Entities die on the same principle, so in order for an entity to die, its damage must not only be enormous, but also its regeneration resource must be cut off.

That’s pretty much it. Religions and their dogmas love to focus on specifics, ignoring the general principle of Necro. Mythology focuses on allegories and metaphors that the average person can understand, while ignoring the essence. As a result, we end up with a spoiled telephone which is thousands of years long… Death is good, but it’s an analgesic, it doesn’t take away your pain and fatigue if your soul hurts and is tired. It hurts everyone. And it doesn’t matter how you died. What matters is who you are, what you lived for, and whether you lived at all…

(c) Mylene Maelinhon \ materials from the Marginal Metaphysics Project

Translated by Maxus

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  • Статья очень ёмкая и понятная 🔥🔥🔥 Есть пару вопросов: Как появляется Лич и почему? Мне постоянно приходится провожать умерших друзей, знакомых, соседей и родственников, которые приходят ко мне сразу после смерти. Я могу не знать, что человек умер, а он уже пришел. Потом на плотном узнаю, что умер. Хочу понять почему и зачем. И второй вопрос по ресурсам. Бензин выделенный мне и соседу имеет разные объемы. То есть гипотетически сосед может украсть мой бензин. Крадники и прочее – это воровство бензина, ресурса и это укорачивает нахождение в плотном теле? Восполнить ресурс как-то возможно? Забрать украденный ресурс? И взять ресурс со старых конфигураций возможно, но как? У меня сейчас идёт постепенное вспоминание прошлых жизней, спасибо вашему сайту, но как вытащить оттуда ресурс или при распаковке он автоматически вытаскивается? Спасибо Милен за ваш труд.

  • Благодарю за статью.Как же мне нравится как вы передаёте информацию доступным и понятным языком 😌
    И ещё юмор. В ваших статьях он как вишенка на торте:)

  • Вопрос по акции – а что происходит с осознанной душой. Вот, например, приходят жнецы, видят, что это цельное существо. То что происходит с ним дальше?
    Его отводят в Некро? Или он уходит куда хочет? А если личность осознанная, но у него абсолютно нет знакомых на Тонких, то куда ему идти?

  • И ещё один вопрос по акции – а можно ли осознаться после смерти?
    Например, человек делал упайи, внезапно умер. А на перерождение идти не хочется? Можно ли как-то договориться с личами? Например, работать в Некро и постепенно формировать свою личность уже там?

    • Нет, смерть – это дедлайн-полоса 🙂 То есть после нее уже только итоги. Кричать “Стойте, я всё понял!” когда тебе только что это рассказали – поздно, да и личностью контролирует Сурья, а не жнецы. Проще говоря, у вас при пересечении границы должен быть паспорт, а он выдается только до границы и только Сурьей.

  • Меня давно интересует один вопрос. Почему одни люди более или менее помнят свою прошлую жизнь или даже жизни, а другие не помнят вообще? Это зависит от положения точки сборки? А от чего зависит положение точки сборки на старте? От кармы? Или это просто недоработка работников Некро?

    • Если именно люди, то зависит от осознанности и привычки рефлексировать о себе + особенности натальной карты, например, ярко выраженная Луна и тд. В целом, довольно несложно вспоминается.

      • Вспоминание прошлых жизней обязательный этап осознания себя перед выходом с физа? Если человек рефлексирующий и сам себя считает осознанным, сам себе ответил на вопросы кто он и для чего, но прошлых жизней не помнит – значит, не интегрировался – чего-то не хватает?

  • Спасибо за статью. Был вопрос, но прочла комментарии и он закрылся)).

  • Интересно, что толкает нас искать реальность из/вне нашей иллюзии, остаточная память из файлов? Благодарю за статью, нашла ещё один плюсик в психологии

  • Интересно, что это были за 20 человек, матрица которых рассыпалась на молекулы и ушла в небытие, и почему?
    Почему работники Некро не очищают Плотные слои от вендиго и некропаразитов?

  • Здравствуйте. Мне интересна одна вещь : вот, допустим человек делал упайи, сформировал себя, попал на Тонкие и на Физ больше может не возвращаться. У него останется память о жизни на Физе? Хотя бы о той, в которой он делал упайи и стал цельным существом? Он будет помнить о страданиях, через которые он прошел? Близких друзей? Или он родиться на Тонких заново, но со стёртой памятью?
    И если человек взял энергию из прежних “флешек”, он сохранит информацию о тех жизнях или она сотрётся раз и навсегда?

  • И ещё одно. Допустим у меня на Физе был близкий человек, например, моя мать. Вот я на Тонких могу наблюдаю за её жизнью. К примеру, если она умрет, переродится на Физе, я могу знать, что эта инкарнация была моей матерью, чтобы помогать ей?

  • Здравствуйте, Милен. Меня беспокоит ещё один вопрос по реинкарнации – по какому принципу души деградируют, например, из человека переродился в животное? Просто пару раз снились сны, где я перерождаюсь в тушканчика или кошку, а мне этого очень не хочется. Работаю над своей личностью. Если человек на пути самоосознания, то всё равно есть вероятность, что он деграднёт почему?

    • Такое происходит при каком то огромном минусе в карме, который человек не может или не хочет отработать. Сломал 2 десятка жизней, например, устраивал репрессии, пытки, гонения, убивал массово животных и тд.

  • Значит, деградация или выход на новый уровень при перерождении зависит, в первую очередь, от кармы. Каким бы осознанным не был, если был по жизни непотопляемой субстанцией, так сказать, то отработать всё равно придётся. Справедливо, но грустно.
    Благодарю за ответ ❤️
    Буду прорабатывать Шани.🥲

  • А как же с умершими коммуницируют всякие маги и колдуны, говорят что они помогают живым и что происходит с суицидниками(они вроде как на связь не выходят)

    • Ну, говорить то можно всё что угодно. Особенно за что платят денег и что хорошо ложится на стереотипы. К реальности это не всегда имеет отношение.
      Слепки личности, те самые флешки, реально существуют, с ними могут говорить медиумы. Но они не несут особого влияния на живых, это чуть осознанная видеозапись по сути. Во вторых, они “живут” только пока их кто то помнит и тем подкармливает. Когда все забыли умершего – он постепенно тает, уходит в Ничто.

  • Безумно люблю ваши аналогии, простыми словами рассказать о таких сложных процессах, невероятно облегчая понимание читателю. Спасибо большое

  • Милен, скажите пожалуйста, как для тонкого зрения выглядит матрица души? Все ли димуты, обладающие тонким зрением, способны видеть матрицы души?

  • Милен, ответьте пожалуйста, Население Земли растет очень быстро, причём только за последний – 20 век – почти в 4 раза. Откуда берутся эти души? Дополнительные 6 с лишним миллиардов по сравнению с 1900 годом?

    • Посчитайте, сколько примерно уничтожено животных, птиц и растений. За тот же период. Вот вам и “искры” на миллиарды народу, который с рождения туп, как хлеб, и неразвит.

      • Логичное🤔 Интересно, в кого переродились дронты)