The Year of the Rabbit: Forecast and Signs in Basic Words (Maelinhon)

Peace be with you.

My last forecast for the year of the Tiger blew up the audience a bit, as it was posted a few weeks before the war and was accurate all over. Now, in the middle of a metaphysical winter, there are more and more requests to write one for 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit.

Well, let’s write one! There will be a forecast, but first I’d like to write a little bit about what these years are all about with the animals of some color and how the Chinese system of seasons works. And it works like a charm, because it’s not based on letters in a calendar, but on the movement of celestial bodies, changes in nature and the key elements of space. In this regard, even a basic knowledge of it will allow you to calculate the useful and unprofitable times of the year and more effectively make your plans.

Seasons and Signs in Chinese Metaphysics

(in simple terms)

There are five dense elements in our world. An element is a flow of planetary energy that passes through all available space and builds layers there, which then move after the planet. The body is made up of elemental slices, objects are made up of them, but also these 5 elements fill the space itself with Chi energy of a certain frequency. There is wood Chi, earth Chi, etc. To have an idea, imagine that the entire space is filled with 5 types of sounds, such as medium, high, low, etc., and in each season one type sounds as loud as possible.

The Chinese system divides a year into 5 seasons, in each season one element dominates the space and there are many of them:

– Spring is the element of Tree (Jupiter)

– Summer is the Fire season (Mars/Sun).

– Autumn is the Metal/Air season (Venus).

– In winter the Water element (Mercury) sounds

– And in the off-season we have Earth (Saturn) active.

In accordance with this, each season brings a different change and inflow of energy. Chi energy moves in a circle, it has 12 phases from the weakest to the strongest and back again.  These 12 phases endlessly move in a circle – a year consists of 12 segments, and every 12 years the whole “wheel” changes globally, so the first sign of the circle (the Tiger) has the minimum of energy, and the last (the Ox) has the most. At the end of the cycle, the wheel is reset and the movement starts again from the “zero” mark. Changes and new things in the life of the planet appear in Tiger and then begin to solidify over the 12 years. There are 12 spheres in everyone’s life too, meaning your finances will be in Horse, for example, and your family and children will be in Tiger, and according to the characteristics of the sign, everyone will have different parameters of luck and givens in different sectors of life.

Just in case, let me remind you once again that your sign according to the Chinese horoscope is your birthDAY, not your year, and that you have four signs altogether.

5 elements in turn are divided into 2 polarities Yin and Yang, due to which we have variations of this element – one is larger and stronger, the second is shallower and softer. For example, in February we have the Yang Tree (that is, intense Jupiter), and in March we have the Yin Tree (the same Jupiter, but with a slightly different tone).

The cycle is completely tied to the planets and nature, i.e. the months and years begin when space begins to get warmer, colder, the seasons of snow or rain begin, all sorts of ducks fly fucking away, etc. They are guided by the sensations of space, not by the calendar. That’s why the year doesn’t start at 0 o’clock on December 31. Like everything in nature, it rolls in like a gradient, 10 days before the date when the new element begins to replace the old.

It goes like this:


– February – Tiger – Yang Tree – Jupiter – 1 point of energy (minimum)

– March – Rabbit – Yin Tree – Jupiter – 2 points of energy

– April – Dragon – Yang Earth – Saturn – 3 points of energy – off-season


– May – Snake – Yin Fire – Mars – 4 points of energy

– June – Horse – Yang Fire – Sun\Uranus – 5 points of energy

– July – Goat – Yin Earth – Saturn – 6 points of energy – off-season


– August – Monkey – Yang Metal – Venus – 7 points of energy

– September – Rooster – Yin Metal – Venus – 8 points of energy

– October – Dog – Earth Yang – Saturn – 9 points of energy – off-season


– November – Pig – Yin Water – Mercury – 10 points of energy

– December – Rat – Yang Water – Mercury – 11 points of energy

– January – Bull – Yin Earth – Saturn – 12 points of energy (peak) – off-season

Each planet in the cycle has 1 major aspect to some other planet, that is, every month and year we have a major planet (for example, Jupiter in 2023), and there is its major partner. This is where the Earth Oxes and other Metal Horses come from. I think you get the logic by now. Horse = Sun, Metal = aspect with Venus. Accordingly, Year of the Rabbit 2023 = that’s Jupiter + Mercury, since Rabbit has Water nature.

Knowing this division and googling a couple of organ and system correspondence charts – with the elements, you can already estimate approximately that in the season of fire you might have a worsening of your heart condition, and in the season of water you might have an inflow of money. Everyone has something different.

The Chinese did not bother the audience with all these aspects and degrees, they just came up with a visual analogy in the form of animals. The primary element of space, if ‘humanized’, would resemble this or that animal in its behavior and parameters. For example, the Venusian Rooster is a bully, a bright beauty, a fighter, but blunt a bit. The Horse is majestic, strong, powerful, but hysterical and biting. And so on. This is vulgar, but consistent with the character of the planet to which the animal belongs. It is important to note here that Asians and Europeans do not have a very similar associative series, so the Rat is a symbol of sexuality (because it has beautiful, delicate ears and fingers), and the Snake is a symbol of wisdom and feminine beauty.

The meaning of prognostics is that events in the world and in ourselves ALSO move along this cycle. Probability lines and event branches are laid down in the first year of the cycle, and then 12 years later they change and transform month by month, so that by the time a new cycle comes, they are zeroed out again and new events begin. In this regard, Tiger and Rabbit are the hardest years. When the old has fallen away, the energy in space is minimal, and new events are sprouting in, many people are dying and the datums are collapsing. There is an opinion that new trends actually come in the years of minimum energy, so that we do not have the strength to resist them. Jupiter is a very malevolent planet, in fact, and very cruel: both of its signs drive in the new with boots and unkind words because Jupiter is the planet that ‘legalizes’ everything new in space. The elderly, the sick and just sensitive people often don’t survive these thresholds, so statistically more people die in February-March and Tiger years than on other dates.

Year of the Rabbit 

That’s all cleared up. So let’s talk about the Rabbit. Which, by the way, is coming, at 3:44 – February 4, 2023.

Rabbit is a sign of Jupiter in the feminine polarity of its elements, the second sign of the cycle, which continues the endeavors of the Tiger with a little more energy. And if you dig right into the details, the Chinese were not so much referring to the Rabbit, but to hares in general, as a species. I’ve come across information that the Chinese system doesn’t even mean rabbit, but a pika, and a Dog is not a dog, but a Pekingese – like these Chinese animals, with their bulging eyes, whether it’s a lion or a dog. You’ve all seen these statues. Because of the changes in the celestial bodies themselves and the slight shift in their orbits, over time, the characteristics of the signs have also changed slightly, and the Sheep has become the Goat and the Cat has become the Rabbit.

What is typical for Rabbit? First of all, Jupiter is a very angry planet that is always trying to own the whole world. And both signs of it are all about pushing for radical change and making sure it sticks around. If the space resists, they will pull with meat and lively bone crunching, but they will drag it, so it’s better not to resist them. For those who are into change and want to shake things up, the Year of the Rabbit will be lit, but for those who are all about tradition and being stuck in their ways, the wooden signs might just break their spine… I have an article called “On the Civil and Marginal”, so the signs of the Tiger and the Rabbit perform the option of dragging the marginal into the civil spectrum. That is, they normalize innovations and changes in society and minds. It is also characteristic of people of these signs that they try to push the new and unusual into the masses and make it civil and ordinary to the average person. No wonder the First and Second World Wars started in the years of the Tiger and the Rabbit.

Secondly, it’s important to understand that the Rabbit is a Yin sign, and they are inherently quiet and “gray-cardinal”. Has anyone heard the sounds that rabbits make? They hardly ever make them. That is, if Tiger is a loud-mouthed fool who climbs over the fence with his novelties, shouts into a megaphone, and starts brawls, then Rabbit is more likely to engage in fraudulent schemes, forging documents, and sneakily taking over the familiar and civil. Simply put, if the Universe forces you to change your home, the Tiger will bomb it, while the Rabbit will inform you after the fact that your home has been sold at auction and you have 3 days to vacate. And there will be no return address for appeals.

Rabbit is a quiet, secretive, homebody sign that avoids direct confrontation and prefers to pick its moments for sneaky attacks from behind and various manipulations. Rabbits are not particularly good at swimming or climbing trees, and they are small animals, which forces them to be resourceful in order to survive. Because almost any predator wants to munch on them. As a result, they have a cautious, panicky, and secretive temperament: they’ll snatch a carrot and run to hide in their burrow. Accordingly, the year of the Rabbit is the year of all things quiet, covert, sly, and manipulative. And all loud events will likely be associated with exposed schemes, crime, forgeries, and other things that are not shouted about on every corner. Crimes will also tend to have a quiet character: it’s the night-time prowling killer, not the loud and open military challenge. Deals, reshaping of old habits, getting rid of the inconvenient, new alliances and unions with the collapse of old leaders – it’s all here.

The third aspect of the Year of the Rabbit is sex. And it’s a freaking disaster! Rabbits are extremely loveable guys who will fuck over anyone, even those who aren’t particularly interested in getting intimate. This gives their sign an unpleasant trait of being overly fixated and even aggressive when it comes to sex and relationships. All signs of the year have one animal-enemy they face, but Tiger and Rabbit have additional enemies. If the Tiger forms the Fire Punishment, then the Rabbit and the Rat form what is known as the “Uncivilized Punishment” or “Punishment of Unloving”. If you see some crazy news about someone being tied to a radiator and raped with improvised objects for months, it is almost 100% certain that the people involved had these two signs.

According to my personal observations, it’s the worst thing that can possibly be in a natal chart, because it destroys the foundation of all areas of life and the flow of energy in them. Everyone with an active Rat sign will have to deal with it, as well as everyone in a specific area, because everyone will have some area of life in the Rat sign. For those who have the uncivilized punishment in their main chart (for example, those born on the day of the Rabbit and in the month of the Rat), it is worth taking care of amulets and corrections in advance, as the punishment for the whole year will be multiplied several times.

The punishment of unlove is when you block your normal human emotions towards someone, or when they block their emotions towards you, or both. It is represented by cruelty and disregard for the person, when feelings are treated with contempt and he can be used in the most despicable ways. In the opposite case, the person sees others as just resources to use and throw away. They don’t express or receive emotions normally. All kinds of psychopaths, sadism, aggression, violence, including sexual, that’s all about the Rabbit + Rat combo. You could say December of 2023 is going to be a real hoot.

In terms of Chinese medicine, such punishment kills the eyes, liver, gallbladder, tendons, immunity and organs of the reproductive system.  This is so because the energy of the wood, which in the subtle body builds these organs and systems, is under attack. For those who have the Rat in the pillars, the risk will be all year long, for the rest, in December and situationally in some areas, such as if the Rat is in the area of Work, you can get an eye injury or other involved organs on it. Also, this type of punishment greatly increases the chances of venereal disease, rape, and catching bad diseases.

The fourth important aspect is the collision itself. The Rabbit collides with the Rooster, so just like in the Year of the Tiger, there are 2 months in 2023 when everything is bad. Besides December with the Rat and violence, we also have September with the Rooster. Rabbit and Rooster make up what’s called a sneaky collision, which leads to all kinds of backstabbing moves. The Wooden Rabbit will get pecked by the Metal Rooster, and along with it the organs of the wood in your body will suffer too. It can be metaphorical hits – betrayals, deceit, fraud, property and assets jacking – as well as literal injuries to your back, neck, and tendons. It also aggravates the chronic issues related to the spine, neck, tendons, and joints. In some cases, pneumonia and lung disease may increase.

Is there any good news?

First of all, Rabbit, like any log, loves to burn, but is small for fires, so in the season of fire it will increase the fire elements, which can be useful if you have a lack of fire in your chart and problems because of it. Someone will receive money, someone will gain health and strength, someone’s creative potential will increase, depending on the realities of the chart.

Secondly, Rabbit can and should be used for change, to bring in new things and previously unknown things in life. If you have long wanted to introduce new technology or information, to change the sphere of work or to make changes in some area of life, to move and the like – Rabbit will be a positive sign. He is good at picking up change and novelty, and his cunning and natural talent for tactics will help to avoid problems and pitfalls as much as possible. So moving, change, new marriages, new jobs, obtaining patents, and implementing new ideas are the trends for 2023. What was not understood or interesting to the public in other periods may now shoot up.

The brightest positive month of the year is October, when the Rabbit will merge with the Dog in a fiery fusion and we will have a legalization of positive changes in life and society. Rabbit comes with water, respectively, the fiery months and October will balance the excessively wet space in the fall.

The amulet of the year is also the Dog, if fire does not harm you. Especially in December, you can wear the sign of the Ox, if you suspect problems with the Rat sign.

To summarize. Rabbit is a difficult year, but it is difficult exactly because of the mass introduction of the new and its hidden activity. In such years, the usual things fall apart massively and new things come in, which for many is deathlike. If you are a fan of violence and change – the year is yours, if you are a supporter of tradition and the usual – it will be difficult for you up to the point of collapse. The important negative months are December and September, when it is better to worry about safety in all its forms and beware of violence and trauma. The positive and bright months are summer and the month of October.

Next, 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, when Jupiter finally ends and Saturn comes in and begins to consolidate the “gains” in the 22nd and 23rd in space. It should get easier in terms of statics. In the meantime, don’t resist the new, relax and become as plastic and light as possible. The less you fixate on what you are used to, the easier it is to keep your balance during changes.

Have a good year, everyone!

Mylene Maelinhon (c) Material from the Marginal Metaphysics Project \ Archaic Heart

Translated by Maxus

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    На смартфоне и буковки верхнего регистра выглядят маленькими-сейчас с трансформера отвечаю…
    Спасибо очень за труды!
    Я давний поклонник Вашего чудесного сайта, Вы очень Превосходно обьясняете, особенно что касается так назыв. Метафизики для тех ‘кто в танке’….

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