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    Ключевая планета Хирон или почему Ræveðis ставы не подписывает Восстановление и отдых (Ræveðis)



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    • Hólastafur

      A wand to open up mounds or rocks in order to enter the world of those who dwell underground (de underjordiske).

      The last image is the original design for this stave, with the third being the simplified version of the original. The first and second are stylised differently, but keep the same meaning and intention.

      Etch the staves into a wand or staff of rowan wood, then ink the stave with blood drawn from underneath your tongue.

      When the completed wand is tapped onto rocks, mounds, or hills where the vættir or similar reside, an entrance is created for the caster.

      Это комментарий автора к ставу. Красивый, но сложный в пользовании. Как и все работы автора)